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Auto-correct Your "Self"

One letter certainly can have an impact on texting:

  • “We stayed in our couch for two weeks.”
    • (Although, there probably was a “couch” in the “coach,” of which she was speaking.)
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Rooted In Faith

Is Life Leadership a pyramid scam?

Is Life Leadership an illegal pyramid scam?

The answer is NO, and here is why:

People all over the world love to use simple phrases and terms to encapsulate ideas and concepts – whether they understand them or not. 481 more words


Hanging On

Picture a cat clinging to a tree limb by his mere claws (you can find many such pictures on the internet). The caption reads: “Hang in there!” This is a cute encouragement for persevering tough situations. 348 more words

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Life Leadership Scam and the Leadership Train

Is Life Leadership a Scam?

Have you ever seen the movie Revenge of the Nerds? It’s an oldie but a goodie. Actually, I can’t really say that, as I haven’t seen it since I was a wee teen.   767 more words

Chris Brady


PAiLS is the title of Chris Brady’s latest book.  It also serves as an acronym to guide the reader: Potential and Actualization i… 378 more words


Pails by Chris Brady [A Review]

This non-fiction piece is a great directional tool to shape the young life, and even reshape those later in life. His question on the cover is: “20 Years from Now, What Will You Wish You Had Done Today?” This is an issue and question many of us ask, and Brady writes his book to help the reader accomplish his goals so that when this question comes up in twenty years, those who took the steps Brady offered, will have very little regret of what they did not do. 123 more words

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