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"Batman Incorporated", Volume 3, Chapter 6, The End: The Dark Knight and the Devil's Daughter (Batman Incorporated #12)

And so we come to the end of the tracks. It’s been a long ride but here we are at the final issue – and fuck knows what number it is overall – in the twelfth book in a row that I’ve read from the one author. 745 more words


"Batman Incorporated", Volume 3, Chapter 5: Fatherless (Batman Incorporated #11)

An extremely short post before we reach the last issue of the run. Really, there’s not a lot you can say about this one seeing as the bulk of it is made up of Batman’s fight with Damian’s clone, the “fatherless” of the title, who is referred to on the book’s jacket as “the heretic” as well. 694 more words


"Batman Incorporated", Volume 3, Chapters 3 & 4: Fallen Son and Gotham's Most Wanted (Batman Incorporated #9 & 10)

It’s all coming to a head now.

Following last issue’s gutting moment, the next two chapters are a pretty standard affair, though very clever. The first starts with Damian’s funeral, but we intersect between it and scenes of Bruce and co. 1,016 more words


"Batman Incorporated", Volume 3, Chapter 2: The Boy Wonder Returns (Batman Incorporated #8)


Yeah, that seems like a good way to start this post.  In fact, it’s the only thing I could think of, giving me an easy excuse to then make it the first subject of this entry in the blog. 1,574 more words


"Batman Incorporated", Volume 3, Chapter 1: Belly of the Whale (Batman Incorporated #7)

The end begins, and in a funny way, it does so just as the run itself began. The very first page is similar to that which began this run – where Gordon fell all the way to street level, however, here he is as spectator to Batman’s near lethal descent, being caught at the last moment by one of Talia’s man-bats. 1,198 more words


"Batman Incorporated", Volume 2, Chapter 6: Garland of Skulls (Batman Incorporated #6)

Damnit, Morrison…goddamnit. Any reader of this blog will know that pretty much every post I write contains spoilers – the warning’s right there in the sub-heading – but, for a change, I’m going to start with one rather tha include it somewhere in the body of text. 815 more words


"Batman Incorporated", Volume 2, Chapter 5: Asylum (Batman Incorporated #5)

A third post? In one day? My god, I’m just knocking these out the park today, aren’t I? Highly that I can squeeze in the final chapter of the book tonight, but I can certainly do that and some more posts tomorrow, seeing as I’ll still have no life by then. 1,245 more words