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There's corrupt, then there's Christie

The return of cold weather last week put Swamp Rabbit in a foul mood. “I can’t take my Easter swim, the pond scum out there is colder ‘n ice cream!” He hunkered down in the shack all day, nursing a bottle of Wild Turkey he found under the woodpile. 370 more words

Mainstream Media

Advocates Make Push To Legalize Marijuana In NJ

TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — Dozens of activists and community members have gathered at the steps of theNew Jersey Statehouse to show their support for legalizing marijuana. 284 more words


Fifth Amendment

In recent news members of both the Federal Government and the New Jersey State Government have invoked the Fifth Amendment when brought in to testify regarding their own suspected misconduct. 1,057 more words


"Jeb Bush’s Optimism School": "The Only Thing We Have To Offer Is Fear" Is Not Going To Cut It Any Longer For Republicans

The Republican Party faces a long-term challenge in presidential elections because it is defining itself as a gloomy enclave, a collection of pessimists who fear what our country is becoming and where it is going. 750 more words


The Approaching Evil of Corey Booker

Concerned Citizens,

This is a short one but we did want you to skip back here a few blogs and remember the warning we gave about flagrant fatso Gov. 211 more words