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New Mutants #17 (1984, July)

It’s my weekend. I have today and tomorrow off. So I’ll probably do another review post tomorrow, and post my pull list on Wednesday. But for today, by Claremont an Sal Buscema, “Getaway.” 783 more words


Uncanny X-Men #183 (1984, July)

I’ve finished my first week at Wal-Mart. Bleh. Today’s story, by Claremont and JRJr, is “He’ll Never Make Me Cry.”

We start with Colossus and Kitty sitting on the cliff watching the sunset. 925 more words


Comic Books: The Bronze Age

Here’s Donny again talking about the Bronze age of comics. Take it away Donny….

On February 3, 1959, musicians Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and J. P. 1,398 more words

Comic Books

New Mutants #16 (1984, June)

I’ve started reading Wonder Woman Unbound for a Goodreads club. I’ll talk about it when I finish it. For today, by Claremont and Buscema, “Away Game!” 893 more words


Uncanny X-Men #182 (1984, June)

Today’s story, by Claremont and JRJr, is “Madness.”

Rogue has just flown halfway around the world, and rather enjoyed it. She finds herself enjoying the peace, and she takes a moment to say hello to a passing airliner. 964 more words


New Mutants #15 (1984, May)

My mom bought me a new computer chair, so she could use my old one, because she didn’t have a computer chair. Yay. Today, by Claremont and Buscema, “Scaredy Cat.” 748 more words