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Uncanny X-Men #177 (1984, January)

Hey, so remember I mentioned yesterday that I’d won a book through a Goodreads Giveaway? I did it again today. Success: Stories by David Taylor. 885 more words


No More Mutants?

Are there too many X-Men?  Do the writers need to just stop with creating new characters?  My friend Justin Alba thinks so.  Me, I’m not too sure! 1,297 more words


Ep 84 - Evil Geeks Disassembled: Return To Dimension X - Chris Claremont's X-Men Part 1

Biff and Kang recently sat down to discuss Chris Claremont’s legendary 17 year run on the X-Men. Picking up a third tier title on the verge of cancellation he propelled it into the massive franchise that stands today which is virtually all based on the house that Claremont built (sorry Stan!). 98 more words


Magik #1 (1983, December)

Ah, here’s a big one. I’ve been looking forward to this. We find out about Illyana’s experiences in Limbo! By Chris Claremont and John Buscema, the first issue is “Little Girl Lost.” 651 more words


New Mutants #10 (1983, December)

I’m still not talking about SDCC until Tuesday. Today, from Claremont and Buscema, “Betrayal!”

The New Mutants are being paraded through the streets of Nova Roma, with Wolfsbane in a throne, as the descendant of both Julius Caesar and the wolf who nursed Romulus and Remus. 804 more words


Uncanny X-Men Annual #7 (1983, December)

Some news out of SDCC. I’ll talk about that Tuesday. For today, by Claremont and pencilers Michael Golden and Bret Blevins, “Scavenger Hunt!”

We start with the team playing softball. 1,142 more words


Uncanny X-Men #176 (1983, December)

I forgot to review All-New Doop #4 yesterday. I’ve added it now, if you want to check. But for today, by Claremont and JRJr, “Decisions.” 1,051 more words