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Comcast Faces First Test over Bid for Time Warner Cable

by KYW tech editor Ian Bush

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - For Comcast, today brings just a taste of what’s to come: a Senate panel will hear testimony on its bid for Time Warner Cable as the Philadelphia-based cable and broadband giant prepares to face scrutiny from federal regulators over the $45 billion proposed deal. 649 more words


Fighting Corporate

Just took a second to overlook my blogroll… On Delaware Way, all her posts are about fighting corporate.  On Delaware Liberal, fighting corporate.  On Delaware Politics… fighting corporate. 58 more words

Jack Markell

Who Pays For Your Senator?

Campaigns Cost… Do you know where your Senator is?  In regards to campaign donations?  Chris Coons is expected to run unopposed even thought “Craigslist” has a… 215 more words


"Adegbile’s Denied Confirmation Is Affront To Our Principles": A Handful Of Democrats Help Launch The Explosives

Last week, the floor of the U.S. Senate was the scene of a bipartisan travesty, an affront to the principles of the Constitution, an assault on the notion of American exceptionalism. 639 more words


Debo Adegbile and Cowardly Democrats

Every now and again something happens in American politics that makes the ghost of Lee Atwater extremely happy. We got another example of that on Wednesday afternoon, another example of Willie Horton style politics played at it’s ugliest levels. 514 more words

"Senate GOP Blocks Veterans’ Bill": Shame On Republicans For Bringing Base Politics Into A Bill To Help Veterans

As a rule, legislation related to veterans’ benefits tends to garner bipartisan support, but as we were reminded this afternoon, there are exceptions.

Senate Republicans stopped Democrats from advancing a bill that would have expanded healthcare and education programs for veterans. 265 more words