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The Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame and What It Really Means

I was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame with my band Talking Heads in 2002. We performed together at the induction ceremony for the first time in eighteen years, since our lead singer had decided to pursue a full time solo career. 954 more words

Tina Weymouth In Manchester, UK. 1977

This photo was shot at The Electric Circus in Manchester. It was our first tour of the UK and Europe. We were playing in the support position. 9 more words

The view from here today.

I like to take pictures of our surroundings on a regular basis. This one made me think about the good things.

Tina Weymouth Swings

Let no man say Tina Weymouth does not swing!

Walk lightly
Think of a time
You’d best believe
This thing is real
Put away that gun
This part is simple
Try to recognize
What is in your mind… 32 more words