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A Look Back at The Weird Guy in Every Boy Band

We love boy bands so much that, on occasion, we close our eyes and pretend it’s 1999 all over again (hey, don’t judge.) While doing so, we started to realize a common thread: They all seem to have the one token weird guy. 115 more words


The Essential *NSYNC - Album Review

It’s been 13 years since *NSYNC last put out a studio album. Since then, they’ve pretty much broken up (okay, they’ve went on a “temporary hiatus”). 1,830 more words


"The Essential *NSYNC"

Just in case anybody happened to miss this… THERE IS A NEW *NSYNC ALBUM IN THE WORLD as of July 25. Somehow, I fell behind by a few days and just recently acquired a few of the tracks – tracks that have, until now, been unheard of by *NSYNC fans for years. 714 more words

The Myriad

*NSYNC's Record Label Releases 'Essential' CD

Monday night, I saw a tweet from *NSYNC’s, Lance Bass, that their record label was releasing an Essential CD. With so many rumors about reunion tours and new albums, I’ve learned to take news and press releases with a grain of salt. 921 more words


Surprise! New 'N Sync Album...Sort Of

Don’t say ‘Bye, Bye, Bye’ just yet! Today, July 29th, 2014, saw the release of a brand new ‘N Sync album! WHAT!?! HOLY CRAP! ‘N Sync is back together and secretly made a new album? 311 more words


*NSYNC Drops Surprise Album

Talk about a surprise!

*NSYNC dropped a new album titled “Essential” this morning-a throwback greatest hits album. It was sooooo secret that not even the band knew about the drop! 79 more words