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Here's The Insider's Guide To Which Cheap Wines Have Had Dead Birds In Them

A few days ago, the Huffington Post ran an article entitled So That’s Why Trader Joe’s Wine Is So Cheap! that went viral. By yesterday, everyone I know had either seen this piece by… 1,756 more words

Fred Franzia, Vani Hari, Two Buck Chuck and the New Stupidity

In the entire history of The Pour Fool, I have never once singled out any individual for criticism. I’ve bashed Anheuser Busch and AB/InBev plenty, with great glee, and will probably do it again, as further news of the long, dismal slide of their brands continues. 2,719 more words


Grafix Knox – The Graphic Art of Chris Knox

Grafix Knox, a project to publish a volume of Chris Knox’s visual art, is currently seeking crowd-funding through Fundnation. Anyone familiar with Chris’s music… 906 more words


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although the curiously titled Cake Kitchen was mostly released on an obscure German label and various no-name distributors, its safe to say that their best received album (“the Devil in the Deep Blue Sea”, on Merge) is exactly what Jeffries would have released on Flying Nun. 1,727 more words

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