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Without New Funding Source, State Poison Hotline Set To End May 31

(CBS) – It’s a service that saves lives every day. But soon it could be gone.

The Illinois Poison Center is on the verge of shutting its doors permanently. 231 more words


Lemont Authorities Recount Rescue Of Man From Ravine

(CBS) – It happened in an instant. A man falls more than 25 feet, knocked unconscious and left to die.

Nearly a day later, a police officer in southwest suburban Lemont finds him, deep in a ditch, along some railroad tracks. 103 more words


Banks On Notice About New ATM-Draining Scam

(CBS) – A warning for anyone using an ATM card.

CBS 2’s Chris Martinez reports.

Twice before, Tim Laffredi has been burned. He was first hacked through an ATM skimmer and then later hit again in the Target security breach. 175 more words


Alderman Asks: Who's Stealing Orange Cones Marking The Worst Potholes?

(CBS) – There’s a mystery in Chicago: Who’s stealing relatively inexpensive orange cones warning motorists about potholes ahead?

Ald. Scott Waguespack of the 32nd Ward took to Twitter to vent. 179 more words


Alderman Proposes New Approach To Rat Control

(CBS) – Though they’re out of sight, we know they’re there.

As temperatures start to rise, Ward 2 Ald. Bob Fioretti believes we’ll see more of them than ever — rats, that is. 89 more words


Suburban Bank Says Fraudulent Charges Originating In Taxicabs

(CBS) – First American Bank, based in the northwest suburbs, is warning customers not to use their debit cards in taxicabs in Chicago.

CBS 2’s Chris Martinez reports. 85 more words


Bronzeville Couple's Car Fused To Ice Block

(CBS) – Chicago’s brutal winter has been especially rough for one Bronzeville couple.

For more than a month, their car has been stuck in a block of ice that goes all the way up to the floorboards. 90 more words