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Hello again!

It has come to that time of the week where I announce my movie of the week (sorry it’s a day late). You know, it’s a Sunday…you’re about to sit down and have your regular Sunday roast and maybe you’re thinking “what movie should I watch tonight?” well if you just want to chill out and maybe be a little inspired then I suggest you watch my movie of the week. 277 more words

Earn Your Freedom

Recently I read the phrase “Earn Your Freedom” in Rolf Potts’ book Vagabonding: An Uncommon Guide to the Art of Long-Term World Travel. He says that long-term world travel is possible for anyone who adopts the vagabonding attitude. 983 more words


Book Review: Into The Wild

Into the Wild, by Jon Krakauer, is a true story about a young man that gives up everything he owns and creates a new life for himself. 160 more words


Krakauer + Supertramp

“It is easy, when you are young, to believe that what you desire is no less than what you deserve, to assume that if you want something badly enough, it is your God-given right to have it.

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Hypocrisy in the Wild

One of the things that struck me from reading Jon Krakauer’s Into the Wild was how much Chris McCandless did not appreciate hypocrites ever since he found out the dirty truth on his parents, especially his father. 743 more words

Alaskan Adventure: A Close Call and Reflections

I promised I would write about my sketchy island adventure, so here you go. On the Northeast side of the island there is a spit with no trail down to it and the Northeast side is especially steep and crumbly. 993 more words


WORD to Ponderhttp://www.newyorker.com/books/page-turner/how-chris-mccandless-diedhttp://www.newyorker.com/books/page-turner/how-chris-mccandless-died

Lathyrism, a noun describing a neurological disease of humans and domestic animals. Pronunciation: lath-EYR-ism. This is the disease that killed Chris McCandless, depicted in the movie, … 35 more words