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Day of Venus : Patience to See

Chris Noth has Mercury, Lilith, Saturn, Sun, and Venus in Scorpio. Having just come out of his 2nd Saturn Return, he’s pretty much an expert on all things Scorpio. 119 more words


Birthdays: A Big Whoop, Whoop for---Whoopi Goldberg

From playing a medium in “Ghost”–for which she won an Oscar–to being a mediator on that talkfest known as “The View”–Whoopi Goldberg gets more tan her two cents worth–and today, she gets it all as she celebrates her birthday. 64 more words


Male Lead In ‘Sex And The City’ Calls Carrie Bradshaw A Whore

by Carimah TownesMale Lead In ‘Sex And The City’ Calls Carrie Bradshaw A Whore“Christopher Noth of The Good Wife and Sex and the City… 232 more words


Chris Noth Doesn't Want 'Sex and the City 3!'

Mr. Big played hard to get with Carrie Bradshaw, and sources say actor Chris Noth is doing the same thing when it comes to a third  113 more words


A very heavily swearing Chris Noth quashes Sex and the City 3 movie rumours

Chris Noth has quashed rumours about the Sex and the City 3 movie being in the works.

The 59-year-old actor, who finds Twitter to be all bulls**t, said that he can’t believe those girls are tweeting as they’re being very ‘naughty’, News.com.au reported. 66 more words