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Review- Star Trek Into Darkness

The Star Trek movie franchise is perhaps one of the longest running movie series ever. The changing casts, the long gaps between films, it’s a strange journey we take with the starship Enterprise and her crew. 473 more words

Easter Suits

As a little girl, one of my favorite parts of Easter was getting a new springy dress and I vaguely remember my brother often getting a new dress shirt or tie that was a little bit brighter or more colorful than usual. 325 more words

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Film Review: This Means War (2012) ★

My Tom, my Tom, what have ye done?

I had just seen Bronson, and having been completely mystified by his performance in that, I was very curious to see if Hardy could play a normal, nice guy in a normal, friendly movie. 222 more words

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The New British Invasion

As I was watching Man of Steel for the umpteenth time last night I began thinking about when I first saw it in theaters. The moment Henry Cavill walked on screen, I like many became instantly attracted, but also realized his face looked very familiar. 300 more words


Facial Hair in Hollywood

Okay, so this is not exactly news but I wanted to discuss the topic a little. Especially considering some of my favorite actors have at some point or another sported facial hair. 236 more words


Oh dear. I'm already in too deep.

(Written around midnight yesterday. Wait, is that today then?)

I just burned through three hours in 15 minutes.

Time has no meaning. I am as lost as left socks. 766 more words


The Movie That Made Me a Trekkie: Star Trek (2009)

Cards on the table: I am a Star Wars fan. Science fiction enthusiasts know what that means: followers of The Force do not get on the Starship Enterprise. 677 more words

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