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The Book of Stedman

Chris Stedman has been on my radar since I read his book, Faitheist. But it wasn’t until later, when I read a blog post of his, that I decided to start this blog. 974 more words


The blog entry that started it all

After reading Faitheist, I started following Chris Stedman’s blog over at Religion News Service. Shortly thereafter, I happened across an update that bothered me enough to start this blog. 396 more words


Pick 3 for Dinner: 1 Celebrity, 1 Atheist, and 1 Christian

If you could have dinner with 3 living people (1 celebrity, 1 atheist, and 1 Christian), who would you choose?

Find out why I picked the three people above, and see who… 558 more words

Casual Friday

Welcome to Homosecular

Successful blogs maintain focus. Homosecular’s beat will be the intersection of sexuality and (ir)religion. I’m a gay atheist, and those two identities are substantially interrelated. I’ll explain why, with reference to my personal experiences, at some point in the future. 259 more words


2 Big Ideas from Chris Stedman's Faitheist

“Is Chris Stedman a real person?”

My question puzzled my friend Vlad: “How do you mean?”

“I just listened to his Humanist Hour podcast… 1,917 more words

Book Reviews

Weekly Buzz: 8/4/14

Can being an atheist make you a better Christian?

How are people reacting to Atheist TV, which launched last Tuesday?

Find out in this week’s buzz. 999 more words

Weekly Buzz