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Internet Party faces questions on extradition

The Internet Party and it’s motives (or more particularly Kim Dotcom’s motives) regarding Dotcom’s pending extradition are being raised, and are likely to keep being raised. 455 more words


Not all over yet

Chris Trotter thinks the election is all over bar the counting:

UNLESS SOMETHING HUGELY DRAMATIC HAPPENS between now and polling day, 20 September, the General Election of 2014 is all but over. 465 more words


Write like Trotter

Chris Trotter is a political commentator with a distinctive style. His columns appear in various newspapers and he also writes on his own blog Bowalley Road… 715 more words


You're Making Us Look Bad

I’m sorry Chris Trotter, but enough is enough.

I’m referring, of course, to your ludicrously self-importantly-titled ramblings on the Daily Blog Canaries In A Coal Mine: Has The Daily Blog Poll Anticipated Labour’s Collapse? 387 more words

New Zealand Politics

Another bad week for Labour

Labour’s had another bad week.

David Cunliffe lurched into loony territory with suspicions that the Government’s paying someone to keep tabs on other Party leaders, following revelations of Winston Peters visiting the Dotcom mansion. 1,354 more words