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Let's Sue 105 Different Companies

So every now and then while doing nothing with my life and surfing the internet I find… “interesting” stories. And I ran across this the other day, 447 more words

It's Time To Get Real America

D: Movie #75 - The Fifth Element

D: Netflix recommended that I rewatch this and you know what, I’m happy they it did because I forgot how awesome this one is.

I think what I enjoy the most about it is that this is one of the few sci-fi flicks that, while dealing with end of the world stakes, does not wallow in the dour and the gritty. 247 more words


Kickin' It on a Throwback Thursday

One of the great things about Thursday is that it serves as the preview to the impending weekend. Being in a good mood today can catapult you to the VIP section of the rooftop party without paying a cover charge. 73 more words

Money Talks (1997)

This is an interesting one that I discovered on my latest kick: police and spy comedies.  It’s not all that old (well, 17 years, but the 90’s still seems recent to me) but I somewhat enjoyed it.  393 more words


An Alien Archeologist's Biography of Chris Tucker

In the distant future when our civilization crumbles due to nuclear fallout, pollution, or the more likely alien invasion, there will come another. These future inhabitants will want to learn about our past culture, history, and influential people. 947 more words


Chris Tucker's One Shot One Kill Teaser

Chris Tucker and a teaser for for his book ONE SHOT ONE KILL comes to Darkness Dwells for the Summer of Zombie Summer Tour 2014.  For today, I believe that it is also a freebie from… 1,783 more words