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[Video] Memories of Giants: Lee and Carter take on the Triads in 'Rush Hour 2'

“Rush Hour 2″ reunites the unique duo of detective James Carter (Chris Tucker) and Chief Inspector Lee (Jackie Chan), but instead of being stateside, the action takes place in Hong Kong. 148 more words


Top Ten Favorite Jackie Chan Movies: #3 Rush Hour

Rush Hour is about a cop who is assigned to watch over a cop brought over from China to work on a kidnapping. Eventually the Chinese cop convinces the American cop to work on the case. 324 more words


Since I have rebranded my blog as Mercurymixtapes.net, the post that has received the most hits was my “Shmoney Dance vs Money Dance” post. As a result, this is a shameless post of Shmoney Dance talk. 63 more words


Leeloo Dallas: Multipass

I’m not sure how many of you know this, but The Fifth Element is probably the greatest film of all time. Firstly, Bruce Willis is the main character. 508 more words


Jackie Chan Has Been Approached About Rush Hour 4

Link to article.

“Talk has already begun about a possible fourth Rush Hour movie, further proving that their must not be a God, or at least one who cares about good movies.” This is what I… 599 more words


Oops! Chris Tucker Mistaken For Jamie Foxx By His Limo Driver At Airport

Woops! According to actor/comedian Chris Tucker, he arrived at an airport where an awaiting limo driver began to whisk him away to his ultimate destination. 123 more words

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Daaaaaamn: Here's The Mashup Of 'Star Wars' And 'Friday' The World Needs Now

We just got knocked the f*ck out by how awesome these two videos are. Blake Faucette of Distractotron combined video from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope… 69 more words

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