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Im back!

After a long little Easter celebration, which happened to coincide with my birthday this year woohoo!! I am finally back. Don’t you worry, I have been busy.  61 more words

Why do I need an editor? My book is perfect the way it is!

I recently came across an article that, in a nutshell, offered a “step by step guide” on how to edit and publish your own book. I glanced through the article briefly, not because I was interested in editing my own books, but because I was rather curious as to what the author of the article would suggest. 758 more words

Throwback Thursday: The Fifth Element

Science fiction fans can be a fickle bunch.  We like to be a little more analytical towards our movies, breaking the plot down piece by piece.   827 more words


Snoop Welcomes Deebo to GGN to Talk FRIDAY and Hollywood History

Nemo Hoes welcomes longtime friend and movie co-star Deebo, aka Tiny Lister, to talk about his wrestling career, his movie history, and the making of the new FRIDAY movie. 18 more words



Flicked through the TV today and found Rush Hour was playing. Haven’t seen it in so long and I remembered one of my favourite movie scenes ever was in it! 11 more words

[VIDEO] The Greg Street Classic Song Of The Day: "Feel So Good" Mase

When you think about Harlem World you have no choice but to mention Harlem’s own Mase. Signed to Bad Boy records at the time Mase and… 63 more words