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Mitt Romney says he'd be a better president than Obama or Hillary, misses the point...

Short post, because I really can’t dedicate much time to this utter imbecile, but Romney went on Fox Noise Ruin My Sunday™ program to talk to Chris Wallace all about how much of a better president he would’ve been than Obama, and how much better he’s going to be than Hillary Clinton, even though… 207 more words


Mitt Romney: President Obama Has Lost Touch With Reality on ISIS, Putin, Other Global Threats

FILE: June 21, 2012: Mitt Romney campaigns in Orlando, Fla.AP

Former Republican Party nominee for President of the United States and Massachusetts Governor Mitt… 553 more words

Do Sunday-Morning Talk Shows Need a Makeover?

Amid hand wringing over the direction of TV’s Sunday-morning talk shows, Bob Schieffer sees little need to change “Face The Nation, the program he has hosted since 1991. 1,182 more words


Grizzlies fill out coaching staff, front office

It’s early August, the MLB is going, happening, occurring…I guess. Or as Hank Stram would say, matriculating down field, or the calendar. The NFL preseason has begun and College Football starts at the end of the month. 543 more words

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Chris Wallace GRILLS Marco Rubio For Flipping On Immigration!

Chris Wallace GRILLS Marco Rubio For Flipping On Immigration. Fox News Sunday Chris Wallace grilled Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) Sunday morning over the lawmaker’s shifting immigration policies after his shepherding of comprehensive immigration reform last year cost him mightily among conservative voters. 180 more words

Chris Wallace

GOP Rep: 'War On Whites Being Launched By The Democratic Party'

WASHINGTON (CBS DC) – Rep. Mo Brooks, R-AL, says he is part of the “Deportation Caucus” that the Wall Street Journal used to label opponents of the Granger immigration bill, with Brooks saying that he believes the Democratic Party has launched a “war on whites.” 398 more words


[VIDEO] Marco Rubio: Immigration Reform Will ‘Never’ Pass in One Comprehensive Bill

More from the talking-head shows, from The Corner.  Rubio was on the defensive for most of the interview (who wouldn’t be, under the hot lights with interviewer… 431 more words