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The Quality of Mercy Beneath a Cloudless Sky

The young man, in his linen tunic with blue-tasseled cloak, paces the dimly-lit room, then stops  at the window to look at the crowd gathering in the village square.  713 more words


You are not Damaged Goods

I recently spoke at my church’s Women’s Ministries service, and the topic I spoke on was how we sometimes see ourselves as “damaged goods,” when we should really be looking at it as we are “damaged… 466 more words


O Holy Night

O Night Divine

O Night

When Christ was born

O Night Divine

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Golden Rule–Applied

If Christians were ever treated the way they have treated people in the LGBTQ community, you would see the following:

  1. It would become illegal to be a Christian.

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Mideval herecy

I usually stay away from any type of religious or political discussion. Most people use to have very strong opinions on those matters and thus the conversation might go awry. 294 more words

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