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Click here to view this author’s refreshing ideas about God’s nature and personhood. The author, who apparently is or was associated with MIT—student? professor? staff?—makes no mention of Jesus, so I deduce she or he is not a Christ-follower. 70 more words


He indeed is always with us & He is always good.

May we be men & women of faith who’s instant reaction is to pray & run to our Father not rely on own understanding,emotions,opinions,thoughts,another’s comfort above His,or believe the lies of the enemy so that we will be a living testimony to others in Who to go to no matter what kind of day or season we’re in.There is more power in prayer than in being self sufficient & if we are to depend on anything or anyone let it be Him.The world & our flesh says be independent,do your thing,do what makes you happy,rely on your own understanding,do what you want,follow your heart,act how you want,hate your enemy,You got this!& in the end you end up w/sleepless nights,wake up dwelling on yesterday,constantly looking at the giants in your life,a little less happy a little more drained,a bitter spirit,& a little more unsure(Trust me,I know!);But God says “depend on Me,My ways,My guidance,My truth,pray for your enemies & love them,I Got This!”.He makes it possible through prayer in seeking Him,speaking to Him,listening,being receptive,& obedient.You’ll end up w/a peaceful spirit,wake up w/a heart filled w/gratitude,joy no matter the circumstance,clarity,hope,grow & learn to love your enemy,& most importantly He’ll be your focal point.There is more power in prayer to get through that valley,praise Him on the mountaintop,trials,challenges,to overcome,make a decision,ask & receive healing,breakthroughs,& in Him revealing to you what He wants;so that He will get the glory for it all because ALL things are possible through Him not him,her,it,them,or I.There’s always a good time to pray,not just when we need something.Pray anytime,anywhere,because He indeed is always with us & He is always good. <3


In Genesis we see our world in all of its perfection: Eden. Eden was the most beautiful, whole, peaceful, and glorious place. After the fall of man, we lost Eden and all that we could become in God’s perfect creation. 115 more words

Christ Follower

Shift Happens - And Then You Die (#Interrupted)

We all have one shot at this thing called life.  Last I checked, the mortality rate on planet earth was a booming 100%.  As Willow Creek pastor… 1,313 more words


No darkness at all

August 17, 2014

What’s God saying to me? 1 John 1:5, This is the message which we have heard from Him and declare to you, that God is light and in Him is no darkness at all. 452 more words

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HI, we’ll resume DR T’s Daily Notes today.(finally)
TO see what’s been occupying my days and last few weeks: 1,322 more words

Friday Favor - We Have Purpose

One of the greatest blessings of knowing Christ is walking in purpose. Without Christ you can be purposeful, but it really is impossible to operate out of eternal purpose. 220 more words