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Living in Red Cliffs, New Zealand

After we moved down from the hill to the village of Redcliffs, people often asked us if we missed the fabulous view of the Pacific Ocean we had when we lived on Clifton Hill. 287 more words

Air New Zealand


How can I have been married to someone for 10 years, with them for 12, yet they have changed into a different person in 4 weeks????? 244 more words


Separation is painful. There are so many details that need to be sorted. Small steps every day. At the moment my children are the number one priority. 443 more words

My "naughty" child.

My 9 year old son has always been different…..the “naughty” child if you like out of my 4 children. For a while there he was most definitely going to be an only child! 311 more words

And Breathe.................

The deed is done. We have separated. Our children know. The sensible, strange and just downright silly questions have been answered. It was sad but done in the correct way for our children. 263 more words

Embracing Your Seismic Self: nurturing your inner bowl of Weetbix.

It’s easy to become quite accustomed to not sliding from side to side like an excitable tidal whelk at a 90s dance party. Habit forming even. 726 more words