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Spotlight on Cafe 1771, European Vintage Cafe and Restaurant

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If you want to get that sale you’ve always wanted and you’re deciding what venue to treat your prospective client/s, then  850 more words


Cafe 1771 Beyond my Great Expectations (My Personal Experience)

I didn’t know what to expect when I went to Cafe 1771, but I can definitely tell you I was really impressed from start to finish. 672 more words


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7mths and counting...

Okay so it has been crazy busy, but good busy! First off my baby made 7mths! She is getting so big. We have truly been blessed by her…she also had her last Synagis shot, Yay!!!! 119 more words

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Christening & Crazy Family Gatherings!

Christening & Crazy Family Gatherings!

Christenings are always entertaining as they involve a lot of family members and alcohol – never a good combination! On Sunday it was the turn of George Alexander Gouldthorpe – he was born and named before Prince George Alexander so the Prince stole his name! 666 more words


Silver Standard!

Standard, hardly, better than that, the way words sometimes get used now from their original intentions gets lost.

Certainly the Standard of Silver on show from one of my regular dealers, Alan Bunce is way above what many people expect from a small village antiques fair. 98 more words

Baby's Creative Team...

My husband and I aren’t religious, and therefore when we got married, we had a legal and non religious ceremony which is these days, not at all considered strange or particularly unusual. 779 more words