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Preachers, Prophets and Pissin' Contests (Part 2)

My plea in Part 1 was for Christians to withdraw from the culture war, and especially the political dimension of that war. Several individuals have responded to this by pointing that the American War of Independence was born and nurtured in the colonial churches. 2,220 more words

Preachers, Prophets and Pissin' Contests (Part 1)

The religious liberty of Christians is once again being infringed upon by the government. Same play, different cast. In the latest remake of this epic tale, the role of the emperor Nero is being played by the mayor of Houston. 1,273 more words

John Adams on Hebrew Foundations of Civilization

We’re still in Pennsylvania and I’m still thinking about our nation’s founding fathers. I have long grown tired of the debates over whether America is a Christian nation — It is a brainless question, as are all questions whose answer depends merely upon the definition of the words. 114 more words