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What's Missing in Christian Fiction

Some of you might think I’m crazy, while others will undoubtedly agree. While Christian Fiction is a multimillion dollar market, there is something sorely lacking in this genre. 433 more words

Public school 'purges' Christian authors from library

From WND
By Bob Unruh  |    27 September 2014

‘Book banning is just one step away from book burning’

A charter school in Southern California is facing the threat of a lawsuit for “purging” Christian books from its library. 515 more words


About Karen Kingsbury

#1 New York Times Bestselling author Karen Kingsbury is America’s favorite inspirational storyteller. Her last dozen novels have hit the top of national bestseller’s lists and there are currently more than 25 million copies of her Life-Changing Fiction™ books in print. 340 more words

Karen Kingsbury

The Baptist ‘Covenant of Grace’: The New Covenant

Something that was previously unclear to me, that I had wondered about especially in reference to my Spurgeon sermon reading: what is meant by the term ‘covenant of grace’? 993 more words


Book Review: Storm Siren

Storm Siren by Mary Weber
4 stars

A hood cloaks her face and an air of menace surrounds her whole being. Both friends and foe alike stand from a distance. 629 more words


September Book Giveaway: The Sheriff's Surrender


Gert Dooley can shoot the tail feathers off a jay at a hundred yards, but she wants Ethan Chapman to see she’s more than a crack shot with a firearm. 311 more words


Books I've Read In 2014...(so far.)

I LOVE READING, so I figured I would share a list of everything I’ve read this year (so far) along with short reviews of each book. 1,398 more words