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Wonderful Deal From Brandilyn Collins

I haven’t been checking my emails lately and I know I’ve missed some good books, but today I saw an email from Brandilyn Collins telling about a super deal.   207 more words

Christian Authors

Conversations with FaithInspires: Best Selling Author Loree Lough

I first met Loree when she was doing research for her 2011 novel From Ashes To Honor. She is an incredible talent devoted to using her gift to giving faith compatible entertainment. 1,449 more words


Premillennialism in Church History, Part II

Continuing from Part I in this series, now for a brief look at the early medieval period, when the martyr doctrine was itself martyred. As well established from the available writings of the early church, the true church pre-Constantine (those who were of the Christian faith and not heretics) affirmed chiliasm. 745 more words


Digging Deeper: A Multiple Writer Interview {Series #1}

{Grace:} What has God taught you in your writing endeavors?

{Cathy:} He’s taught me so many things I’m not sure I can write them all down! 1,336 more words

Christian Authors

Can Christian authors use curse words?

As an author, I want to make my characters believable. I want them to “talk” like the people around me do. Being a Christian, I don’t like to curse and rarely if ever do, but I do have some Christians friends who occasionally use curse words. 92 more words


Chiliasm: Premillennialism in Church History, Part I

The following is the first in a short blog series, with details concerning the history of premillennialism, from the early church through the Puritan era. Further resources for this information: Nathaniel West’s… 1,206 more words


The Tolkien-Lewis Friendship Hits The Big Screen

It’s a dream come true for a love of LOTR and Narnia fans—that is, if the movie turns out to be good.

That movie is an upcoming drama called… 123 more words


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