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Books I've Read In 2014...(so far.)

I LOVE READING, so I figured I would share a list of everything I’ve read this year (so far) along with short reviews of each book. 1,398 more words

New Book On Amazon This October


I have been busy collecting my favorite devotions and compiling them into my next two books. This is a devotional trilogy… FACING TRIALS, FACING STORMS, AND FACING ADVERSITY. 250 more words


Creation Apologetics: The Creation Ordinance Sabbath

In studying the idea of a creation ordinance sabbath – the significance of the seven day week and setting aside one of those seven days as different from the others – I recall the value of extra-biblical historical records, for apologetics related to other events of Genesis 1-11, in support of biblical “young earth” creation, the flood of Noah, dinosaurs (dragons) coexisting with humans, and the “Table of Nations” genealogies.   1,176 more words

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Make out the individuality of Christian speakers

Is any event or gathering organizing in your church? If yes, then you may understand the need of the inspirational speaker in order to encourage the audience. 450 more words

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Book Spotlight: The Hope of Wind River

The Hope of Wind River by Connie Seibert (with Sandy Maxwell).


Maxine Mayfield is young and beautiful and suddenly finds herself alone for the first time in her life. 284 more words


Reformed Baptists (1689) and the Christian Sabbath

Through study of the puritans and church history, and online reformed Baptist theology discussion groups, I am now more aware of the differences among various types of Calvinist Baptist groups, even among non-denominational, “reformed Baptist” type churches. 827 more words

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Premillennialism in Church History: Part VI, the Return to Futurism

Continuing in this series through Premillennialism in Church History, we come finally to the 19th century and the development of Futurist Premillennialism, after over two hundred years of Protestant, historicist premillennialism. 1,128 more words