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Questioning Questioning

God knows I can be skeptical. In the time I’ve known Him, He has graciously fielded hundreds, if not thousands, of questions from me.   Sometimes, Christians will admit to me that they’ve had certain questions or doubts. 395 more words


Meet and Greet + Giveaway with Sherry Rossman

{Grace} Good afternoon, Sherry. Be sure and make yourself comfortable here. We have much to discuss. I’ve heard you just released a book! Could you share with us the details behind it? 1,221 more words


Clinging to the Golden Calf: 7 Godly Responses When Someone Says You're Following a False Teacher

Ever heard of Jeroboam? If you’ve read your Old Testament, the name probably rings a bell, but, let’s face it, it’s hard to keep all those Jeroboams, Rehoboams, Ahinoams, and Abinoams straight, right? 1,595 more words


They Like Her, But Why?

Last week we looked at the issues raised by the group calling itself #the15 in reference to the books that get sold in Christian bookstores and their online equivalents. 855 more words


Poem of the Week: "Eyes Like Judas"

Generally, I despise modern poetry, but this poem, “Eyes Like Judas” by Jackie Hill Perry, is different. It’s free form like most modern poetry, but just the same, I was taken by it, almost brought to tears by it. 13 more words


Study: The 1689 London Baptist Confession as Systematic Theology

Lately I have begun studying the 1689 London Baptist Confession: as a good summary of Christian doctrine, as compatible with historic premillennialism (and the actual view of many of the writers of the 17th century confessions) , and the confession that… 491 more words