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The Increasingly Irrelevant Christian Primary

Despite a long, slow decline in religious participation among Americans, do not expect Christian conservatives to light a candle rather than curse the darkness when it comes to politics. 834 more words

What are you more worried about, Armageddon or Global Warming?

I believe some of the prophecies in the bible.  I think there are some definite signs that we are getting closer to an Armageddon like the one spoken of in Revelation 16 verses 16 to 21: 463 more words

Politics And Religion

"Folksy Panderin’ In Bubba-Ville": Huckabee 2016; Bend Over And Take It Like A Prisoner!

Great American leaders have long contributed profound thoughts of tremendous consequence to the public discourse.

Roosevelt: “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” 813 more words


"The Peacock Festival": The Perilous Base-Courting Phase Of The 2016 Primaries Begins

Now that Christmas has triumphed yet again in the War on Christmas, taking place as scheduled, we can turn our attention to the presidential primaries. After all, the Iowa caucuses are only 401 days away. 1,073 more words


Back for More Crap

James Carville once said running for President is kind of like sex, most people want to do it more than once.  In this spirit, Rick Santorum has decided to get screwed over once again. 218 more words