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(Re)Defining Education

I do not like to “attack” fellow laborers in the field of Christian education. We get enough attacks from outside of Christian ed; no need to go after each other. 1,362 more words

Christian Education


You see it physically with kids all the time…while running to get ahead of the person behind them…they look back at their competition and fall or run smack into an obstacle right in front of them! 365 more words

A Gateway to God in our Public Schools

The closest America has come to exercising religious freedom in our public education system comes in the form of charter schools. Charter schools are tuition-free schools that are approximately 75% government funded, with the remaining 25% coming from businesses and private donors. 520 more words


The Marks of an Educated Christian Student

My weekly spot in the Lincoln Christian School newsletter mentions the marks of an educated person. These should be a goal of our teaching that we are leading students to these marks. 359 more words

A Time for Healing

The seasons are changing. I’ve been able to run outside again after a summer on the treadmill. I’m about to exchange my summer wardrobe for sweaters and boots. 1,537 more words

Mark 8:34-38; 9:1 - Reading for the Sunday after the celebration of the Holy Cross

This Gospel reading of Mark 8:34-38; 9:1 is heard on the Sunday after the celebration of the Holy Cross in the Orthodox Church and a similar reading is also given in Matthew 16:21-28 and Luke 9:18-21. 515 more words



I am absolutely floored by the information in this article of WORLD, September 6, 2014 issue, entitled “Risks and Rewards: Amid limited resources and a hostile government, a Chinese Christian school movement is growing.” Our pastor at Candies Creek Baptist Church shared briefly about it in our last school board meeting. 520 more words