Do Not Fret~~ Psalm 37:7-8

Do not fret…

is the message for today.

Just trust God…

to lead the way.

He sees what’s been done…

to kill, destroy, and steal. 31 more words


What Does Jesus Ask of You and Me?

What Does Jesus Ask of You and Me?

To believe in him. To follow him. To obey him. To live for him daily by doing and entering the plan he has for each of our lives. 619 more words

Are There Any Good Chain Letters?

Yep, I hate ‘em.

Don’t ever consider sending me one.

Even the ones that seem really nice.

Like the ones with beautiful pictures of nature or cute puppies or kittens. 297 more words

Christian Faith

Our Lady of Sorrows

Anna is a woman of great faith.  I met her during an Advent Retreat that I was directing in her parish several years ago.  Her grandson, Matthew, age 20, was killed in an automobile accident during the retreat.  274 more words


Kingdom Pets and Animals

A devotion from Cheryl Zelenka’s soon to be released book of devotions FACING STORMS. Available on Amazon this October.

Most of us have had a pet at one point in life. 842 more words


Learning From Joseph


When a trial comes your way, do you groan and think of it as an ordeal to muddle through? Is your first reaction fear and dread, or do you see each new struggle with more positive eyes? 1,096 more words


Exorcisms And Other Things I Don't Get

I realize all the above are popular entertainment and not religion or theology.  At the same time, they use religious themes and tropes, usually from either Roman Catholic or Fundamentalist traditions to present a story of a person who is, in some way I can never quite fathom, “possessed” by an evil entity.   702 more words

Christian Faith