Fall Back

This message is not about Lecrae’s song in which he featured Trip Lee. Have you ever had a ‘fall back’? I have once, and it was a period of silence. 819 more words

Jesus Christ

In The Shadows

We are in the midst of Holy Week. Soon it will be Maundy Thursday, on which the Christian churches traditionally hold Tenebrae services.  Tenebrae means darkness or shadows.   611 more words

Christian Faith

Jesus and Fine Wine

There is an interesting little story in the Second Chapter of John in which Jesus actually turns water into wine. Hmm, now there’s a subject for controversy; Jesus and wine in the same verse. 1,020 more words

Abundant Life


Life is a process of constant diminishment.

As we move on in life (and sometimes very early in life), our bodies and our various abilities and powers start to weaken and decline.  182 more words


Stumbling into Hope

The sureness of life at its peak is comforting, but as the days trickle by, we will stumble. This loss of footing may be the result of our own actions or the life events that are tossed onto our path without warning. 308 more words

Christian Faith

“The Cross and Forgiveness”

As we enter Holy Week and look ahead to Easter I would like to reflect on some of the threads of our Lenten study these past few weeks in the light of the cross and resurrection. 1,431 more words


Why Are You Called A Christian?

Question:  But why are you called a Christian? (a)


Because I am a member of Christ by faith, (b)

and thus am partaker of His anointing; (c) 1,125 more words