Jesus stopped suddenly and turned toward the crowd that followed him, “Who touched me? Someone touched my clothes. Who was it?” A woman stepped forward and fearfully fell at His feet. 307 more words


Music, Ecstasy, & Christian Worship

It is precisely modernity’s incomprehensibility that art confronts, in one of two ways: either by attempting to stuff modernity back into the clothes of the pre-modern, pretending to a familiarity that is only ideological – in other words, denying reality –  or by acknowledging modernity’s radical strangeness (and estrangement) by direct confrontation via art techniques up to the task,, thereby making critical sense of it.  

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Christian Faith

A Shames Embrace

Here I am again, in this familiar place,

trying to hide my shame from your beloved face.

If the heart breaks and no one’s around to hear does it make a sound? 399 more words

Christian Faith

It's not fair

My last post promised theological reflections on the article, “Are you too Good Looking to Get Sick?” This piece bothered me and I suspect that it bothered you as well if you read it.   919 more words


You Have To Have Tradition To Overcome It

One must have tradition in oneself, to hate it properly. – Theodor W. Adorno, Minima Moralia, p. 52, quoted in Richard Leppert, ed., Theodor W. Adorno: Essays on Music, 

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Christian Faith


Sometimes we forget how good we have it and sometimes the goodness overwhelms us.

Sometimes it seems we’ve done nothing but sacrifice and sometimes it seems our path was paved while others were left to forge their own way through the wilderness. 366 more words