Emily May 22, 1999-August 27, 2014

Emily passed away during her sleep. I wrote 3 parts about her last year on her blog:


She was my beloved Service Dog for 12 years. 8 more words


"Which way do I go? Which way do I go?"

For those old enough to remember the classic Warner Bro. Bugs Bunny cartoons, the phrase “Which way did he go? Which way did he go?…” probably sounds really familiar. 1,360 more words

Personal Reflections

The Greatest of These (1)

Paul wrote to the early Corinthian believers in order to correct some pretty serious errors which had been promoted/tolerated within their fellowship. In this letter, Paul gives a description of what love is…and what it is not. 1,728 more words


Theology Matters: The Case for Sound Doctrine

The word “theology” is interesting to me as it derives from the Greek words “theos” (meaning “God”) and “logos” (“word”) . In my uneducated mind, this translates to “Word about God” or perhaps “Word of God”…Which, on one level, looks to me like Scripture, or what we know as the Holy Bible. 729 more words


Stop Taking Attendance!

At a church I used to serve there was a well-intentioned person who after every service would tell me how many people were in attendance. “We had 47 today, Preacher,” he would say. 742 more words

Augustine: Prodigal son into great saint!

Yesterday, we remembered and celebrated St. Monica, Model of patience.  Today, we remember and celebrate the life of her wayward and then repentant son, Augustine. 262 more words


Why Doesn't God Just Make Everyone Do The Right Things?

What if we were all born with a God nature instead of a sin nature? Would it have been better if God had created us this way? 1,098 more words

Christian Faith