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If That Isn't Love

Last week the children were in the bedroom playing together. My husband and I were in the kitchen working on supper. Then we heard my son begin crying. 263 more words


Prayers of a parent

Dear Parent, parental prayers are answered. There is no better demonstration of faith to your children than to see their parents praying and to witness answers to those prayers. 278 more words


Liam (the son I will never know)

Re-Conversion (Sumner, Illinois, circa 1996)

Sometime in late 1992, I attended a seminar on how to do ministry with Senior Adults held in Peoria, Illinois. There was this feeble, little man who inched up to the platform (like Tim Conway used to do on the “Carol Burnett Show”) and opened the thing up by proclaiming weakly, “God is Good.” The people replied, “All the time” He quietly responded, “All the time” and they politely finished, “God is Good.” I remember thinking to myself, “This is almost cool! 603 more words

Rev. Shane L. Bishop

Romantic Weekends

It’s still four more sleeps before they come. I’m already short of breath and feeling stressed. It’s not that I don’t want my step children to come for the weekend. 611 more words

Blended Family

Random Strangers

This morning, a random stranger walked up to me at gym and said “I just want to tell you… you and your husband look so happy together… 581 more words

Blended Family

Need for Good Families

Biggest challenge to today’s religious life is that we do not have Good Families. Families which can prayerfully support the candidate for priesthood or religious life 85 more words

Random Thoughts