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Freaky Friday catching a bus story

I found a couple old journals, and let me tell you that it’s probably more fun to get a root canal than to read those.  Reading about my own life seems surreal and macabre, with its moments of humor, like putting comical garish makeup on a patient in a hospital bed.  273 more words

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Do You Secretly Blame Her for Where You Are or Are Not?

This question may entail the most obvious clue of whether or not one is harboring resentment against their wife. Looking to your wife as the source of your negative placement in life is to say your wife is completely operating in the opposite direction of which God intended. 412 more words

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Where I belong

Surely it was for my benefit that I suffered such anguish. In your love you kept me from the pit of destruction; you have put all my sins behind your back. 545 more words

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How much do you do for your children? Got into the habit of doing everything for them?

Here’s a challenge for today – help them to do something they have never done before! 45 more words

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Have You Given Up Fighting for What You Believe is Right?

One mechanism men fall back to when they begin to hold a grudge is total silence and permissiveness. Meaning, we allow our wives to have the 100% green light with little to no objection on almost anything.  249 more words

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Are You Holding Grudges Against Your Spouse?

More and more, I have encountered men who have been harboring a lot of animosity toward their wives. The scary part about this is that many of the men and their spouses do not even have a clue that this resentment exist. 339 more words

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What Honey Maid Got Wrong. What Honey Maid Got Right.

I had posted a photo of our family taken over our recent vacation on my instagram. Honey Maid snacks liked the photo and commented on what a beautiful family I had. 697 more words

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