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Synod of Bishops on the Family 2014

  Family life will be the focus of an extraordinary general session of the Synod of Bishops that will meet at the Vatican between 5-19 October 2014.  76 more words

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Truth, fog, and a tea kettle

It can be formidably difficult to find the truth when you’re in the foggy murk of passive aggressive dynamics.  Every now and then, the truth will just belligerently blurt out. 712 more words

Passive Aggressive

Stepmoms and Biomoms and Jealousy

As a biomom or stepmom, do you ever struggle with jealousy or envy. I have gotten numerous emails from struggling moms that are needing help with this issue. 308 more words

Blended Family

Learn to forgive like Joseph forgave,

We make our beginning in the Name of God the Father and of God the Son and of God the Holy Spirit and all those who forgive because they know how much they’ve been forgiven said … AMEN! 1,574 more words


Focus on what we are taught to focus on 2 Timothy 4: 1-4

Have you ever kind of camped on an issue, position, concept, that you knew in your heart was important, but you seemed to be kind of hanging over the edge? 1,296 more words

Freaky Friday catching a bus story

I found a couple old journals, and let me tell you that it’s probably more fun to get a root canal than to read those.  Reading about my own life seems surreal and macabre, with its moments of humor, like putting comical garish makeup on a patient in a hospital bed.  273 more words

Passive Aggressive

Do You Secretly Blame Her for Where You Are or Are Not?

This question may entail the most obvious clue of whether or not one is harboring resentment against their wife. Looking to your wife as the source of your negative placement in life is to say your wife is completely operating in the opposite direction of which God intended. 412 more words

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