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African Sunset

So I’m sitting and watching the sun set over the African bushveld. It’s a sight I’ll never tire of. As the years have passed, I’ve really learned to appreciate the bush… the gentle  breeze rustling through the trees, a thousand creatures chirping their delight, the hushed background noise of families preparing their campfires at sunset… even the occasional “whoop whoop” of a hungry hyena. 679 more words

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Developing Consistent Prayer Habits in Your Kids (Part 1)

I want you to use Character Building for Families. I really do — because I know how valuable systematic character education is. But even more than character training, the one thing which will transform your children into Christ-modeling people is for them to lead prayer-filled, Bible-saturated lives. 802 more words


It is about the people and not the paper shuffling.

Ministry is certainly about the people, I’d like to throw a lit match on my desk sometime because it does bug me. But that will move in due time and if I have to stop to talk to someone, well that’s really what I’m here for. 372 more words


Affairs of the Heart

I’m feeling afraid! On Saturday morning, my husband woke up early with chest pains. By 6.30am it seemed to be getting worse so we decided to go to the hospital to have it checked out. 1,084 more words

Blended Family

If That Isn't Love

Last week the children were in the bedroom playing together. My husband and I were in the kitchen working on supper. Then we heard my son begin crying. 263 more words


Prayers of a parent

Dear Parent, parental prayers are answered. There is no better demonstration of faith to your children than to see their parents praying and to witness answers to those prayers. 278 more words