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14. Disclosure, page 210, July 29

“I’ll look after him,” Aaron assured the Delaney sisters between the baby’s sobs; then, with a small rueful grin, he added, “I’m sure Sarah will offer her much-needed assistance.” … 310 more words

Serial Fiction

ALL THINGS – Chapter 2 part 15

Walter took a moment to study his reflection on the mirrored inner surface of the drinks cabinet door. He rubbed at his face with his leather gloved hand, reminding himself that he had shaved this morning. 494 more words


The Devil, Chapter 6

“L.A.’s In California/I’ve been there
Once or twice/It is an education/To be sure…”*

Marcus awoke suddenly. He felt the shift, as if a powerful force had been reunited. 1,113 more words

Writer's Blog

ALL THINGS – Chapter 2 part 14

Walter Nicolai sat in the rear of his chauffeur driven staff car. The Kaiser had made him head of German intelligence. Walter resided in France at the time, content to make a life for himself until the war broke out. 485 more words


ALL THINGS – Chapter 2 part 13

“It’s a Bible,” said the Red Cross man.

“Is that what they call books here?” Sudenjah asked.

“You don’t understand. It is a book called the “Bible.” It’s about God.” 365 more words


ALL THINGS – Chapter 2 part 12

The Otarkwans laid in a huddled mass in the centre of the compound for warmth against the cold night drizzle. They shivered, but they would endure against prolonged exposure. 502 more words