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When It's Not Funny.

Last time we talked, we covered a straw man essay written by a Baptist pastor, Bo Wagner, that he called satirical. A pity he doesn’t actually know what satire is, any more than he knows what atheism is. 2,842 more words


Fundamentalism is fundamentalism is fundamentalism

I remember going back to high school, someone had brought up the issue of fundamentalism in English class and how really really strict Christians and really really strict Muslims are the exact same. 422 more words



(first draft, published 1/13/15, edited 1/18/15)


What is “extremism”?

And, whence its children?

Society, it is said, is like a fabric. People weave themselves into place, grouping according to belief and cultural history. 1,133 more words

Contemplative Essays

"Gilmore Girls" and child abuse

Two of the many things I missed out on during my we-didn’t-have-TV childhood were Friends and Gilmore Girls. I’m in the process of rectifying it– thank you very much Netflix– and so far it’s been pretty fun. 702 more words

Christian Fundamentalism

The Unholy Trinity

I hope all of you are enjoying the Holiday Season-however you celebrate it.

If you watch NFL football, you see the opening of the football game with the salute to our troops currently serving overseas; or some token appreciation to some local hero back home from the Afghan front.  495 more words


fundamentalism and the emotional spectrum

[art by Toby Allen]
[content note for discussions of depression, anxiety]

You may have noticed that posts have been a little sporadic over the past few weeks. 1,203 more words

Christian Fundamentalism

A Twisted Evangelism.

AUGUST 4, 1998

Mom was no saint. She was much like you and me. She cared more about how others saw her than she should have, or than was healthy. 623 more words

Contemplative Essays