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seeing old stories in a new light

I suffer from mild insomnia, and since it takes me so long to even approach something resembling “sleepy,” I usually putter around on my phone– I jot down blog ideas, play CandyCrush, and catch up on my blog reading. 786 more words

Christian Fundamentalism

Indoctrination: A Follow-up

A dad with a fourth grade child provided the following photos of a test taken by his child at a Christian school. He did not identify himself or his child or the school—good dad! 31 more words

Faith-Based Beliefs

"Stephen Hawking is an Idiot." -- Rudy

Well, at least he’s not “a demonic idiot” – like Lawrence Krauss. He and Hawking have both fallen for “Satan’s blue-ribbon lie.” Lucifer has a way of doing this to people, according to a YouTube video by “ 909 more words


the Bible and my house of cards

I was in seventh grade when I read the book Things that are Different are Not the Same as part of my school curriculum, and that was when I was formally introduced to the “King James Only” argument, although I’d known for years that was the only version my family and my church used. 1,061 more words


Pants On Fire

I’ve got to tell you…  I’m mad.  Someone’s been lying to my friends.

I have many friends and family members who are Fundamentalists and Creationists. I don’t think they’re dumb. 902 more words


To Indoctrinate or Not to Indoctrinate, That is the Question

We got a question from a friend Nate (findingtruth.wordpress.com) which I touched on just briefly recently, but could say more. Here it is:

Many nonbelievers view Christians’ efforts at teaching their children and others as indoctrination.

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The American Christian Taliban

Yeah, I know: I thought it died last week, too, but it is alive and well. We’ll just have to have faith that there is more to the story: 46 more words

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