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Just Breathe

Damn. That is what comes to mind when I think about life and the ridiculous struggles that it throws at me. The constant rollercoaster ride that tends to go up, down, and all around.   77 more words

Christian Girl

This is me.

Well hi there.

This is my first ever post.

I am a Christian. I’m in my twenties. I live in the south east. I am a woman. 490 more words


Best I've Ever Had

Where has she been? Everyone, mooreofanna has been inactive for 36 days and I feel bad to the 3 people that read my blog. To you all, I’m real sorry I’ve been gone, but this past month has been crazy stressful with school, trying to find a job, and just life in general. 541 more words

Beauty- Following God's Path- Day 18

Following God’s plans for ones life can sometimes be hard. It is not always the plan we had in mind. There may have been a job or relationship that we wanted but God thought we deserved better. 601 more words


The Grocery Store, Jesus, and Me

Oh, hello November.

October came and went entirely too fast. October always seems to do that to me, but it’s always packed full of fun. The month brought two mountain trips, a six year anniversary with my boyfriend, an obsession with the changing leaves, and a job. 668 more words

Recent Graduate

Beauty-Trusting-Day 6


About a month ago I was in a dark place in my faith. I knew who God was I just didn’t know where he was because I felt like he stopped being with me. 331 more words


Beauty-Humility- Day 4

Humility: A modest or low view of one’s own importance, humbleness.

We live in a world where we focus on the “Me” and the “I”. I know I do especially living in NY where everyone is constantly trying to one up each other for a job or internship. 496 more words