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These Are A Few of My Favorite Things

Every day in my relationships and parenting class, my teacher does “Good Things.” Good things is when you share something good that has happened to you that day, week, or the past weekend. 232 more words

Trust & Obey.

Lately I’ve been trying to commit to daily Bible time. So far, I’m reading at least one chapter most days. This is part of strengthening my relationship with Christ. 818 more words

Recent Graduate

Forgiving is Receiving

I’ve never been persecuted for my faith until recently. Last night when I was at work, my coworkers were talking about drinking. Someone (should I mention they were younger than me?) asked me, “Anna have you ever drank before?” I obviously answered no, and I thought it was going to be nothing until the person said, “Oh so you’re one of those bible thumpers.” Wow. 816 more words

Today I Choose Joy

It can be hard to stay Joyful, in these dark times where our World is full of constant unrest.  However If we pursue Joy and positivity we can develop inner peace. 63 more words


How to Survive Homecoming Week

Homecoming week is around the corner at my school, and to prepare I am going to give a few tips on how you can survive your homecoming week. 412 more words

I don't want your kind of "beauty"

I don’t care how socially acceptable it is, there’s nothing more ugly than a girl who feels like it is her first priority to flaunt her body for the world to see, to know and touch. 1,150 more words

Identity In Christ

Soundtrack of My Life

In my Relationships and Parenting class, we were asked to write the soundtrack of our life. This has probably been my favorite project in my high school career, because it is so unique and makes you put reasoning to why you’re so attached to some of the music you listen to. 500 more words