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Beauty-Trusting-Day 6


About a month ago I was in a dark place in my faith. I knew who God was I just didn’t know where he was because I felt like he stopped being with me. 331 more words


Beauty-Humility- Day 4

Humility: A modest or low view of one’s own importance, humbleness.

We live in a world where we focus on the “Me” and the “I”. I know I do especially living in NY where everyone is constantly trying to one up each other for a job or internship. 496 more words


Beauty-Our Heart-Day 2

I think many times when we think about beauty we think about the physical appearance. There is so much more to beauty than how someone looks, their personality, their caring heart for others, their love and devotion to their Savior. 324 more words


Beauty-Gods Image-Day 1

Looking in the mirror today I am guilty of being grossed out. Puffy and red eyes from only a couple of hours of sleep. An unexpected zit that emerged from the stresses of my everyday life. 300 more words


What my Mess Says About Me

I love my car. It’s tiny and black and sleek and everything I ever wanted my first car to be! It’s name is Alan (named after the wonderfully kind gentleman who sold it to me) and in the six months I’ve had it, I’ve driven EVERYWHERE – from the Blue Mountains, to the Southern Highlands, Hunter Valley, and even the Shire (I know, I didn’t even have to show my passport!). 440 more words

These Are A Few of My Favorite Things

Every day in my relationships and parenting class, my teacher does “Good Things.” Good things is when you share something good that has happened to you that day, week, or the past weekend. 232 more words

Trust & Obey.

Lately I’ve been trying to commit to daily Bible time. So far, I’m reading at least one chapter most days. This is part of strengthening my relationship with Christ. 818 more words

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