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Huge Discovery! Ancient Nephilim Machinery Revealed in the Giza Plateau....

Throughout time many historians, scientists, and archaeologist have discovered ancient technology and machinery feats that defy our modern day comprehension. Egyptian artifacts and pictograms are found displaying unique light bulb generators which seem to illuminate within Egyptian structures where no reflected light or flame exist. 98 more words

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"The Story of the Jews" - Episode 2 - Among Believers

Last week, as our group was discussing the expulsion of Jews from Spain in 1492, we also talked about the roots of antisemitism in church history.   214 more words

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New Release Alert! The Sign of the Dolphin by Peter Rodgers

The Sign of the Dolphin is now available!

THE SIGN OF THE DOLPHIN is the second book in the series that started with THE SCRIBES: A NOVEL ABOUT THE EARLY CHURCH. 109 more words


Christian History that Matters

I got asked today about writing a book on church history. The idea behind the request is a good one, but this morning I thought I wouldn’t have time for years. 511 more words


Another Sample Chapter of The Sign of the Dolphin

Here is another chapter from Peter Rodgers’s upcoming release The Sign of the Dolphin!


A villa near Noviomagus Reginorum

Marcus to Justin, Greetings in Christ Jesus, the light of the world. 2,575 more words


Christian Creeds and Greek Philosophy

So a quick apology for my absence the past couple of weeks. I have been teaching an early morning seminary class to teenagers and my blog writing time has been consumed by lesson planning. 2,158 more words

Philosophical Musings

New Testament Trivia!

Let’s see how well you fair. Share your comments.

  • Excitement over what miracle effectually sealed Jesus’s fate? (John 11:45-54)
  • To whom did Paul likely write a prior epistle that is now lost?
  • 177 more words
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