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Divide and Conquer - Decrees of Evil


“Begin The Great Dividing!”

My First Decree:

“Divide them up!  Divide them down!

By age,

By gender,

By color,

By country,

By wealth,

By poverty, 362 more words

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A House is Known by the Company it Keeps

With all the buzz on Twitter, I would love for this space to contain a review of Matthew Paul Turner’s Our Great Big American God: A Short History of Our Ever Growing Deity… 423 more words

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Tap Dancing

Tap Dancing

When I was a toddler it was decided that my sisters and I would go to kindergarten. This was before the days of free public school kindergarten, and Pre-kindergarten, and pre-pre-kindergarten, and day care, and pre-natel care, and sex education, but that is enough about that. 891 more words

Introduction- Falling Out of the Window

Falling Out The Window

My earliest memory is not in the following story, but perhaps the following story can introduce my life and the strange way that God has of making a person into the person He wants them to be. 758 more words

Christian Humor

"Forget Grilling, You Can Cook Your Hot Dogs in a Pringles Can"

-Headline from Huffington Post

I was all set to write a serious column about social justice and spiritual consequences when I saw this headline. It’s July, how can I let hot dogs cooked in a Pringles can pass me by? 526 more words

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