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CCF Episode Twenty-Three: Christian Liberty According to the 1689 (Part One)

In this episode, Billy and JD sit down to discuss Christian liberty as it is laid out in The Baptist Confession. Featuring music from… 275 more words


Liberty: Am I Not Free?

Christian liberty is often a disguise for Christian corruption. Dear friends of mine have inhaled the world’s succulent drink, smoked the mighty pipe of the devil’s tricks, and told one another our liberty is at stake. 548 more words


Moderation in All Things

This is a time when many people are prone to indulge themselves in all manner of luxuries.  Iniquity now abounds, and nothing can scarcely be seen but things of the greatest extravagance imaginable, not only for the necessities of the body, but to pamper it in lust, to feed its vices, to make us go on in sin, and to be a means for gratifying our carnal appetite.  182 more words

Christian Worldview

'Christian bakery: We are staying true to our beliefs' - The Christian Institute

The Christian bakery facing court because of their traditional marriage stance have spoken out in the national media, saying, “we are staying true to our beliefs”. 231 more words

The Christian Institute

The Reformation Roots of Western Civilisation

By Dr. Peter Hammond – Posted at Frontline Fellowship:

Western civilisation has been blessed with the greatest freedom, productivity and prosperity ever known in history. 257 more words

Christian Ethics

On Christian Liberty

Christian liberty seems, to me, to consist of three parts.  First, the consciences of believers, while seeking the assurance of their justification before God, must rise above the law and think no more of obtaining justification by it… another point which depends on the former is that consciences obey the law not as if compelled by legal necessity but, being free from the yoke of the law itself, voluntarily obey the will of God…The third part of this liberty is that we are not bound, before God, to any observance of external things which are, in themselves, indifferent, but that we are now at full liberty either to use or omit them. 15 more words

John Calvin