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Summary of Protestant Reformers' Stand by William Cunningham

The fundamental position maintained by the Reformers was this, that the views which they had been led to form, as to what should be the doctrine, worship, and government of the Church of Christ, were right, and that the views of the Church of Rome upon these, points, as opposed to theirs, were wrong. 264 more words

Daily Devotionals: (August 20th) A Privileged Citizenship

Reading: “A citizen of no mean city.”—Acts 21:39

It certainly was very laudable in Paul, in a moment of danger, to avail himself of the common privileges of his freedom, in the common rights of men. 370 more words


Principles to Remember when Discussing the "Gray Areas"

How to view the entire discussion

  1. You hold no responsibility to win converts to your position.
  2.  There is no “safe” position. You’re either at risk of legalism or license.
  3. 366 more words

Freedom in Christ

Much has been said about Christian liberty or freedom, often in conjunction with lawsuits and politics — that there is somehow a war being waged against such in our own country.   1,210 more words


Blogging with Saint Paul: Consider others better than yourself.

Romans 15:1-22

Paul is saying that we are not to mislead or coerce any brother to violate his own conscience. After all, we should think of the good of others first rather than the desire to vindicate ourselves or boost our own righteousness. 326 more words


US: Atheists Give up on Forcing IRS to Censor Sermons

Posted at Persecution.org:

ICC Note: On August 1, 2014, a Wisconsin judge dismissed a case that attempted to use the IRS in order to censor religious sermons that contain political messages.  193 more words

Religious Freedom

CCF Episode Twenty-Three: Christian Liberty According to the 1689 (Part One)

In this episode, Billy and JD sit down to discuss Christian liberty as it is laid out in The Baptist Confession. Featuring music from… 275 more words