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A Call To Enlist Pastors In Defense Of Religious Freedom

By Alan Sears – Posted at Alliance Defending Freedom:

Bottom line: the content of your pastor’s sermons can now be decided not just by prayer and reflection, or even consultation with church leaders – but by government bureaucrats with their own agenda.

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Religious Freedom

Ice Buckets, Confederate Flags, and Stumbling Blocks: A Study on Accountability and Responsibility, Part I

I recently engaged in a lively conversation that sort of spiraled out of control with a fellow laborer. He stated that doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was tantamount to idolatry, and vehemently declared that people should wake up before they find themselves in the clutches of demonic forces (if they’re not there already). 2,305 more words


should christians vote?

For most Christians (in the West) their freedom in Christ to vote is axiomatic. However, there is still a significant rump who believe that voting is wrong.  2,528 more words

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Satanic Distractions

Do not think that God is angry with you for these distracting, though ever so blasphemous thoughts.  No, He knows it is not you, but Satan working in you.  116 more words

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The Christian Dating Dilemma

I recommend Christian parents listen to this week’s episode of The Mortification of Spin podcast entitled “The Duggar Dilemma.” It is an informal discussion, and not a commercial for the latest trend in controlling the process of matching young men and ladies in the godliest of godly fashions. 156 more words


Summary of Protestant Reformers' Stand by William Cunningham

The fundamental position maintained by the Reformers was this, that the views which they had been led to form, as to what should be the doctrine, worship, and government of the Church of Christ, were right, and that the views of the Church of Rome upon these, points, as opposed to theirs, were wrong. 264 more words

Daily Devotionals: (August 20th) A Privileged Citizenship

Reading: “A citizen of no mean city.”—Acts 21:39

It certainly was very laudable in Paul, in a moment of danger, to avail himself of the common privileges of his freedom, in the common rights of men. 370 more words