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The Real Woman of Proverbs 31 {pt. 2}

Last week we began looking at Proverbs 31. We discovered that the real woman of the chapter is actually King Lemuel’s mother. He tells us how his she stops him in his tracks one day with three jarring questions, 934 more words


How We're Deceived Into Unhealthy Friendships

Do not be deceived: “Bad company ruins good morals.”

- 1 Corinthians 15:33

Many individuals find themselves ensnared in unhealthy relationships that are not conducive to spiritual growth. 

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Christian Men

6 Reasons Our Friendships Fail

  1. We have too much fear and pride to be real. At times friendships can become more about competition than being complimentary. Meaning, instead of our relationships being focused on how we can help one another, it becomes about how we can beat one another.
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Christian Men

Are Our Friendships Actually Spiritual?

Many times our friendships can be about many things – our affinity for sports or a certain team, attending the same church, sharing similar political views or being a part of the same family. 612 more words

Christian Men

Top Three Vision Killers of a New Walk. Vision Session #5

The New Walk as 3 Vision Killers.

As you take risks and learn from your New Walk – the top three things that kill your vision come from Immaturity, Foolishness & Pride. 854 more words

Authority to Speak Into Your Life? Session #4 on Vision

Backing off at times is one thing, having uncertainty is another – as doubt is not knowing what to do from lack of experience and that is ok to a certain extent – but it is how people see you deal with conflict that reveals your values and ultimately your character for conflict resolution that confirms who you are and also your leadership. 1,036 more words

Change Your Focus

2 Chronicles 20:1-4
“After this, the armies of the Moabites, Ammonites, and some of the Meunites declared war on Jehoshaphat. Messengers came and told Jehoshaphat, “A vast army from Edom is marching against you from beyond the Dead Sea. 599 more words