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Should the Preacher grow a beard? What does the Bible say?

It was a busy Wednesday early evening. The church was open and choir practice had started and soon the evening bible study would assemble. Previously I had spent the day doing some yard work which included chopping wood for the fireplace. 1,497 more words

Spiritual Growth

Welcome to the Official Blog of "No Easy Catch" by Pat Simmons

Book title: No Easy Catch
Book series: The Carmen Sisters (book #1)
Author: Pat Simmons
ISBN: 9781629110097
Binding: Trade Paperback
Retail Price: $13.99
Release date: 157 more words

Christian Men

Leader of Men: the 'Masculine Christianity' of Peter Orseolo

My own church has recently signed up Carl Beech, founder of UK-based Christian Vision for Men, to speak at a men’s conference this autumn. It got me thinking about ‘masculine Christianity’ in history. 376 more words


Chivalry isn't dead.

The first picture is me and my son the second is my father holding me.  And that’s why chivalry isn’t dead.

Some say I’m a romantic. 272 more words

Love and Fear

by Tim Archer

It’s interesting to watch my dogs when I go out to work in our yard. At first, they are thrilled that I am spending time with them. 416 more words


9 Ways To Know If You're A Good Christian Man

#1) Your wife is either passive/aggressive and overweight, or anorexic thin and shrew-ish, but in either case you haven’t had sex with her since your third child was born, and actually, you don’t clearly remember having sex to create your third child and it worries you sometimes that as he grows into his teen-age years, he looks more and more like the Jason the youth minister who was running the youth fellowship near the time your third child was born but suddenly felt God call him to go work for the Peace Corps in some foreign land. 306 more words

Lost In Kentucky

I Dream of Him

I phoned my Mama one day and we talked about marriage. I told her that it is easy, in fact it is very easy to be in a relationship when you don’t have a non-negotiable standard. 293 more words

Cells Working In My Brain