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While She Sleeps : Part 3

Joy Starts at Dawn

Our Father brings us joy even in the darkness, every day that dawns, we are given a renewed purpose and task to go into the world and make a difference for Him! 1,507 more words

Thoughts And Expressions

Who Told You That?

Who Told You That?

When our kids are young we are always careful about what we expose them to, who they hang out with, what they watch. 1,225 more words

Encouragement For Men

Men as Leaders: Can't Lead Where You've Never Been

The first pillar in our series on men as the spiritual leaders of their home is a simple and logical one–you can’t lead your family where you have not been and are not willing to go. 1,035 more words


A DAY OF JOY: Being Fully Engaged

On November 7, 2014 I asked my love Lauren to marry me. It was not a tough decision but it was one that would have to be prayed about. 822 more words

Not What I DO, But Who I AM

I am not postmodern. At all. I read a lot of the literature coming out of the postmodern emergent church movement throughout the past several years. 536 more words

Christian Men

Christian Men Should Wear Suits and Ties to Worship

Clothing & modesty is always a topic that plagues a church at one stage, whether from the front or amongst the members. For men? One answer suggests if men just wore suits and ties, problem solved! 586 more words



This blog is going to be more of a record account of my walk rather than an in depth advice column which many of you have probably sought after. 251 more words