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Murderous mingling

https://thefollowinghasbeenapproved.files.wordpress.com/2014/10/miss-meadows-humbling.m4aHello there,

What an assortment of movies we have this week, including a Miles Teller misstep and a movie about a website. Ok, it may have worked for Facebook but that was a one time thing. 117 more words

Right Match for You

Scrolling through my Facebook news feed one of my friends posted the trailer for the new movie “Christian Mingle.” My first thought was really? I watched it anyway and now I can’t wait to see it. 467 more words

ChristianMingle.com; Unholy Behavior

I am outraged today.  I have a close friend whose mother is a widow.  I will call her Sara.  Sara’s husband died some years ago from cancer.  689 more words



So I shouldn’t try Christian Mingle? #basicbetchproblem


Online dating is a scary place

Opinion piece!

I tried online dating. The only reason why I even looked into it was because one of my sisters made a good point. No one talks to each other any more in public. 630 more words

Desperation, In all its Facets

Wow….first Tootsie gets in the Criterion Collection, and now this.  Truly these are the Last Days.  I cannot believe this is actually real.  I mean I sincerely hope that I will find in the next few days that video of Kimmel announcing it is another of his good-natured pranks.   794 more words


It Takes Two Christians To Tango!! Christian Mingle Releases Trailer.

Who says as a Christian you shouldn’t date?? Definitely not Christian Mingle (a religious dating website). The movie which stars Mean GirlsLacey Chabert… 49 more words