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Being in the church body doesn't mean ministry must be confined to 4 walls

God does some of his best work outside the four walls of the church building. There are many who are caught up in the thinking that if God has called them to do something, they have to fulfill it within the confines of a particular congregation or denomination. 562 more words


The Root of Excellence

The effort to be eloquent will produce a rhetorician; the concentrated purpose to move men to live for God in Christ, will produce, in the end, an orator, and the two are as far from each other as the poles.

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The Ministry of Revitalization Pt 1

Last Friday on this blog I addressed young men going into the ministry to encourage them to consider the important work of revitalizing existing churches.  This week, my desire is to flesh out a little of what it takes to be a successful revitalizer.   599 more words

High Noon Justice

Title: High Noon Justice
By: Shakira Thompson
Review Date: September 20, 2014
A CBM Book Review
9.9 out of 10.0 stars

Based on Psalm 37, … 273 more words



When push comes to shove what is in you is exposed.  When there is a ‘bolt out of the blue’ there is no time to think about what it is you should say, and think about how you should react, you react from what you really are.  614 more words


G.K. Beale on the Assurance of Salvation

At the recommendation my dear friend Nathan Martin (@nater_Martin) I spent some time last night reading the excursus in G.K. Beale’s “A New Testament Biblical Theology” … 897 more words


We still have a chance!

We read and study the Bible, again and again same scriptures provides new inspiration and guidance comes to our life through the Holy Spirit. Bible is alive! 570 more words