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Congratulations, Your Comfort Zone Just Got Bigger

Part of my joy on this trip to Kenya is having my wife with me, and seeing her discover things for the first time. Previous to this, my wife had never left North America. 611 more words



Thailand has been mostly a kingdom since the 1300s and it was never colonized by a western nation. A military coup ousted the Prime Minister in 2006 creating political instability up until 2008. 227 more words

Christian Missions

Passion Over Money

On the same day we went into Kibera, we also traveled outside Nairobi to a rehabilitation school for girls. Here we met a young man named James, who did not let his lack of experience or credentials get in the way. 247 more words


Nairobi National Park

I still have a lot to write about regarding yesterday, but I really need to think about it first, so today I’m being lazy. I’m writing what is easy to write about, and that is today’s trip to Nairobi National Park. 203 more words


If it is in the atonement, it is to be received by faith, it is for everybody and it is for now.

If it is in the atonement, it is for everybody, and it is for now.The entire fullness of Christianity is conceived, gestated and birthed in an ever growing understanding of all that Christ’s death and resurrection brings to the believer. 660 more words



The Nestorians first brought Christianity to China around 450 AD. There was another time during Genghis Khan’s Mongol Empire that Christianity came (after 1250 AD). Unfortunately, there was not lasting fruit during those times. 408 more words

Christian Missions


My wife is asleep as I write this, the victim of an exhausting day compounded by jetlag. We spent our first day in Kenya in Kibera, the largest slum in Nairobi and the third largest in Africa I believe. 395 more words

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