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Goodbye Halloween, Hello Harvest!

The best season of the year, hands down, is Fall. This is of course only my humble opinion. I love the Fall because here in California, it’s when the very hot weather begins to cool down to enjoyable temperatures. 760 more words

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People and Planes

I’ve found that some of the best heart-to-heart conversations with my boy happen in the car.

His little busybody is strapped into his car seat with nowhere to go, no gadgets to entertain him, and no goodies to distract him. 882 more words

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"Mommy, I [still] love you, [too]."

A couple of weeks ago, I lost my temper with Caden and really yelled. Like REALLY yelled.

Not just a “raise-your-voice-with-a-little-edge-to-get-their-attention” and not just an “I-am-using-my-serious-mom-voice-so-you-had-better-heed-my-words-now” voice. 946 more words

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A Prayer To Conceive

About two Sunday’s ago, I could feel the Holy Spirit telling me to go up from prayer about conceiving during altar call.  I kindly refused. Last Sunday, I could sense Him telling me the same thing again.   328 more words

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I wanted to start your Monday out with a 'Heart Smile'

What is a ‘Heart Smile’? It is when your eyes have tears and your heart feels blessed. There ARE kind people out there, really there are! 50 more words


A "Happy Friday" Give-Away

I know it appears that there are only four of us living in our home, but that’s not completely accurate. No, there’s actually a fifth honorary member of our family, and he’s (yes, it’s a “him”) the inspiration for this month’s… 569 more words

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How to Talk to Your Kids About 9/11 (Or Not)

You may be thinking, “your a little late aren’t you? I could have used this advice yesterday.”

Hang with me, you’ll see.

My kids weren’t even a thought when 9/11 happened. 629 more words