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How Are You Going to Change the World?

This question was asked of my 1st grader’s class. “How are you going to change the world?”

And my son’s answer was, “I’m going to be a football player.” 129 more words


Future Daughter, You Are More Than...

The looks you have or the ones you don’t. 

The shape of your belly, the width of your hips, the length of your legs, and the size of your ears… 369 more words

Christian Mom

Taking time to be still...

A little while back, I wrote ‘Learning to get a life…’ in hopes that others would see their need to make time for themselves. Today I’m going to take it a step farther. 289 more words

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30 Things I NEVER thought I'd say...

1. “Please stop biting your Daddy’s butt.”

2. “Pay attention! You just peed on my scarf!”

3. “Stop licking the back of the car!”

4. “If you’re going to growl at your sister, at least growl softer.” 266 more words

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'Y' is it hard?

I’m typically not a fan of ANYTHING hanging on the front of our fridge but because I own the rights to the “Decorate the Fridge Veto Power,” I decided I could make an exception. 738 more words

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Relationships are Hard

For the first six hours, things were good.

Flying planes, dousing fires, being heroes, playing camp, driving trains…these two buddies were having a blast.

There was no arguing. 718 more words

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The Secret to Writing

This is more of a celebratory post on my ABC approach to writing. Apply But to Chair and write. I wrote a total of 6,000 words Saturday and Sunday. 38 more words