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"Yeah, I Was Just Singin' a Song for Jesus."

We hardly EVER hear him sing, so I was shocked when he stood on the dining room chair this past week and loudly announced, “I have a song to sing.” 605 more words

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Carol Brady Eat Your Heart Out!

Ten days until Christmas. Ten shopping days. Ten sewing days. Ten wrapping days. Ten running around crazy days.

I saw a video post on Facebook tonight of an acquaintance and her husband. 1,350 more words


Does She REALLY Know Her Name?

“Evie Rae!” 

Sparkly eyes and a crinkly nose, she turns her head.

She knows her name. 

“Where’s Evie?” 

A raspy giggle and an open-mouthed smile, she looks. 455 more words

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Teaching children the difference between reality and fiction

I have always loved a good story….novels, fairy tales, movies. But as an adult I know the difference between what is truth and what is fiction – what is a story and what is real life. 307 more words

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A Mommy in Need of a Manger

Today, when I forget and fake the mess, I will look to the manger. 

Today, when I doubt and discouragement is near, I will look to the manger. 208 more words

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2 Points on Joy. 2 Days to Prepare. Yikes!

With two days to prepare, in the midst of a frenzied workload, the Lord showed me a lesson on JOY.

I’m humbled when my Sunday school teachers ask me to speak. 808 more words


Raising Worldly Children

Hey y’all. This week’s post is going to be published over at A Mama’s Story.  The post is entitled, Raising Worldly Children. If you are interested, check it out.   17 more words

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