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When did I decide I wasn't enough?

I think that a little background is in order before I delve into the title of this post.  I am a wife and mother of 5 at the moment; 3 daughters aged 21, 12, and 10, a son age 9 and a foster son who is soon to be 3.   1,468 more words

Christian Moms

About Andrena and NaturallyBlessedBaby

Hello everyone!

My name is Andrena and I am the face behind the blog naturallyblessedbaby. To get started, I”ll share five facts about myself!

1. I’m married to my best friend and together we are the parents of one amazingly cute toddler. 172 more words


Why we decided to homeschool.

I know what you’re thinking… oh this is going to be scandalous! :) Well-

A lot of people assume they know why we homeschool. You may be surprised to find that it’s probably not for the reason that you may think it is. 689 more words

New Life, New Body

Hey!  Today I am taking a brief look back at my first week of getting into a new fitness routine.  I have admittedly been taking it very slow as not to crash and burn like so many other diets I have tried and failed.  580 more words

Weight Loss

Funny Feels Good When You're Feeling Under the Weather

I’m home sick today.

It’s just a little too quiet in this house.

And though I’ve wished for just a minute’s peace for weeks, I’m over it now. 898 more words


37 and Why I'm Not Shy To Tell People

I’m the exception to the rule that you shouldn’t ask a lady her age. Wait, let me clear this up. Not bec i’m not a lady! 513 more words


3 Ways I Killed Pride

One week, I’m a fiery prayer warrior and it seems like an extended exhilaration, from going to church to calling people to encourage them. Then, in the span of one week – kaput! 438 more words