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Jesus' Coming at Christmas for Our Muslim Friends

The purpose of this blog is to help followers of Jesus relate to Muslims. In this blog I try to share what it means to follow… 915 more words

Christian-Muslim Interaction

10 Things to Know When Visiting A Muslim Home

It’s our first time visiting a Muslim family,” said our Christian friends, “do you have any recommendations for us?” I hear this a lot. 1,051 more words

Christian-Muslim Interaction

How ISIS Should Shape Our View of the Church and Its Mission Globally

By Martin Accad

I’ve been blogging and speaking much about ISIS in recent months. Last July, as we were beginning to get to grips with the savagery of the group, … 1,452 more words


Pope Francis Prays in Mosque in Show of Commitment to Christian-Muslim Relations


Nov. 29, 2014 12:40 p.m. ET

ISTANBUL— Pope Francis further demonstrated his commitment to improving relations between Christians and Muslims on Saturday, as he prayed in Istanbul’s historic Blue Mosque and visited the Hagia Sophia—two powerful symbols of the Muslim and Christian faiths. 164 more words


Resisting ISIS! Beyond Secularism and Religious Fanaticism

by Martin Accad

The Middle East is in turmoil! That’s a bit of an understatement. Are you feeling frustrated and helpless about it? This has been an ongoing feeling for me since ISIS (the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) hit the headlines and invaded our private imaginations relentlessly through Facebook, YouTube and other social and conventional media throughout this past summer. 514 more words