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4 Things I Learned From Breaking the Fast with Muslims This Week

Muslims are fasting Ramadan. This week I was invited to break the fast with two different groups of Muslims in our community. Both were unique environments and each had very different purposes. 785 more words

Christian-Muslim Interaction

When Worlds Collide...or just meet over Dunkin' Donuts

By Amanda Cleary Eastep

Recently, I wrote an article for Think Christian magazine, My Daughter’s Muslim-Christian Bible Study, about the coming together of Christian and Muslim students in the Bible study my daughter started at her local public high school. 222 more words


Tearing Down Walls to Build up Bridges

By Sara Obeid

Loose-fitting Mottos

I have often found it difficult to reconcile the seeming (yet ultimately superficial) contradiction between interfaith work and personal religious conviction. 1,122 more words

Wishing Happy Ramadan to Our Muslim Friends (Reblog for 2014)

Ramadan mubarak! is an Arabic greeting that says “have a blessed Ramadan” which sounds kind of odd to non-Muslims in the West. Yet if you know Muslims personally this phrase is appreciated. 341 more words

Christian-Muslim Interaction

Jesus Fast: Going to Bed Hungry

A friend of mine was talking to a Muslim the other day about fasting. When this follower of Jesus was talking to his Muslim friend, he mentioned that the fast he takes is 3 days long. 348 more words

Christian-Muslim Interaction

Imagination, Hope, Prayer and Societal Change

Societal change does not come by accident; it occurs because someone first imagined it.

This imagination can sneak into your life anytime, anywhere.  For Mother Teresa, it started the first time she walked by a dying person on the street and wondered why no one was doing anything about it.  1,091 more words



ISLAMTOLERAN.COM, SLEMAN – 8 members of Indonesia’s ‘Islamic Defenders Front’ (FPI) attacked the house of Julius (Director Galang Press ) in the Besi/Jalan Kaliurang area of Sleman, Yogyakarta. 672 more words