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Bad Theology Kills: How We Justify Killing Arabs

By Jesse Wheeler

Bad theology kills.

For many, the subject of “theology” invokes the image of old white men with impressive beards and antiquated ideas sitting in ivory seminary towers writing really big books that nobody reads. 1,311 more words

What You Should Know Before Inviting A Muslim to Church (Reblog)

Mark, I have wanted to visit a Christian church for some time” said my Palestinian imam friend. “I know there are Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant churches, maybe I could attend one of your Protestant churches sometime? 903 more words

Christian-Muslim Interaction

Overcoming Fear: Reflections on Intentional Interfaith Activities

By Arthur Brown

IMES is intentionally involved in a range of interfaith activities. Within Lebanon, this usually involves bringing together Evangelical Christians with both Sunni and Shi’ite Muslims in a variety of contexts. 1,111 more words

At Weekly Exorcisms, Egypt’s Muslims and Christians Unite Against the Demons

Cairo’s best-known exorcist may be Christian, but his weekly exorcisms provide an unusual space for interfaith cooperation

The demon that had possessed the elderly Muslim woman was so strong that even an Imam couldn’t get rid of it. 101 more words


Thinking Through Islam

This is a reflection paper written 2002 in by Dr. Mark Swanson, associate director of our Center, and professor of Christian-Muslim relations at LSTC.   What it proposes about Christian-Muslim relations remains as pertinent now as it was then.  168 more words

What do Muslims Believe?

An American friend recently told me that he had discovered there were some Muslim families in his apartment complex.  But he hesitated to approach them, not knowing how they would respond.  475 more words