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Comfort in Trials

Written following this week’s Daily Post writing challenge for Tanka poetry:

In the darkest day’s
Trials and tribulations
His Light still shines through
Comforting those who call out
Holy Name Above All Names



how can I tell you

of fire that leads through darkness

the oft enflamed soul

dead, but for the life He breathes,

in measured syllabic praise?

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In The Morning Poetry 2

O Lord,

Your Glory is

a flame 

before me.

It burns bright in

all of my sin and


I feel very

small and gray… 96 more words

From Psalm 62:1

Is it really true
That my soul silently
Waits for God?
When the cauldron
Of my life
Is brought to a roiling boil.
Don’t I long to leap out… 153 more words


Two Sets of People

Thank You Lord
For the people in my life
Who are Your hands
Who think with Your mind
Who’s hearts understand.

Thank You Lord
For the people who love… 175 more words

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