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On Either Side


On Either Side


On either side of Jesus

sinful men were hung

Guilty as charged of thievery

for the things they’d done

~ 148 more words


Matthew 28 - He Is Risen

He is not here: for he is risen, as he said.

Matthew 28: 6a

E  ternally
A  dored
S  avior
T  ruly
E  ternally
R  isen

Easter Poetry

In View of Home

The sun rose this morning
Though dark clouds hid the sky
High above the thunderstorms
Bluer skies pleased the eye
Yet whether it be wet or dry… 143 more words

Faith Life


Whose head, bears the coin?
To Caesar, what falls due Caesar;
To God, what is God’s.

– Luke 20:23-25


Jesus' Jackass

Jesus’ Jackass

I am not much to look at

and rather worse to smell,

but every lowly jackass

has his tale to tell:

They brought me to the Master; 90 more words



Good morning Mr Magpie
Be careful of that cat
I’ll try to miss that ladder out
My horoscopes gone flat
If I don’t dress a certain way… 62 more words



Remember when the world was good
We fully took a part
And we could manage on our own
Without a change of heart
We were strong, embracing all… 103 more words