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The Color Of Things to Come ~

I watch Fall’s colored leaves,
turn from red to golden brown
drifting on Autumn’s breeze
floating, gently to the ground.

They lay in all their splendor, 144 more words

Christian Poetry

Child (poem)


Playful, free

Stretching, dancing, glowing

Thriving on nurturing support


* ~* 38 more words

Michelle Sherlock

Quiet Moments

Quiet moments with You, O Lord,
precious and so divine.
Quiet moments, focused on You
are moments of peace sublime!


© 2014  Christine V Mitchell

Christian Poetry

When The World Will End

When the grass is brown and hot and dry
and when the vapor hazes in the air
and when the leaves crunch under feet
because the sun refuses to lay off the heat… 150 more words


It's Always Harvest Time ~

Not just at harvest time,
do we need to have a reason
we can plant seeds of hope
in and out, of every season.

We can reap souls to Jesus, 132 more words

Christian Poetry

Inseparable Love

Walls are never too high,
valleys are never too deep,
no powers that be in the skies,
no sorrows that cause us to weep.

No earthly thing great or small… 65 more words


The River

Written following this week’s Daily Post Writing Challenge.

In my dreams, I envision a place
With lush green, steep banks
And the soothing sound of the flow… 115 more words