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We, I, Us


Before we become we

Before I becomes I

Before us becomes us

We must first recognize –


That we are who we are

That I am who I be… 63 more words

Faith Life

True Contentment ~

You are my portion, O Lord,
You are all that I need
Your goodness fills me up
when on your Word, I feed.

The measure of Your grace, 125 more words

Christian Poetry

My Name

Something inside you is so beautiful,

But exterior can be painfully blinding,

like a demon’s comfort in darkness,

stumbling across the light,

painfully pierced without remorse. 122 more words

Jesus Christ


There wouldn’t be a problem
If only we were real
And tell ourselves in truthfulness
Exactly how we feel
The crutches we hold on to… 58 more words



Its very reassuring
To know that when you sin
There is a way back to your Dad
He’s sure to let you in
For Jesus paid the penalty… 64 more words


From the Cottage by the Sea at Daybreak

Good morning Lord it’s me
Here at our Cottage by the Sea,
Speechless now before You
As the sun unfurls it’s rays
As land and sea bid welcome another day. 70 more words

Faith Life