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So Much More, p. 15-22 - Part 1: Father God

So did you guess that the title of this post was an intentional play on words, before even reading the post? Yes? Good. Then you grasp one of the foundational concepts of stay-at-home daughterhood (SAHD): that the line between human fathers and the Divine is murky at best. 2,177 more words

The Tea Party: Theocrats in Libertarian Clothing

On the surface, it might appear that Theocrats and Libertarians have very little in common. Maybe in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, when the Austrian school of economics was being developed, that was true. 5,570 more words


An Eastern Orthodox Critique of Christian Reconstructionism/Theomony

Over at Orthodox-Reformed Bridge. Here’s a slice:

Christian Reconstructionism has been labeled “Neo-Calvinism,” a form of Dutch Calvinism initiated by Abraham Kuyper.  The beginning of its ideas can be traced to Kuyper’s 1898 Stone Lectures at Princeton Seminary where he spoke of the cultural mandate or “primordial sovereignty.”  In Lecture 3, “

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