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Sex Begins With Doing the Dishes

Ok, so this is something of a public service announcement for the fellas out there: your wife’s idea of sex begins way before yours does. For us guys, we generally think of sex beginning when the kissing turns passionate, the hands start wandering, and steps start leading to the bedroom. 610 more words

Summer Vacation Sex

4th of July is almost here and many of us will be heading out on vacation to soak up some sun, play with our kids, bike, swim, camp or whatever it is that you enjoy. 381 more words

Welcome Home Sex

I just got home from a High School Adventure Trip to the mountains in Canada that was an incredible week of hiking, climbing, caving and enjoying God’s creation. 573 more words

Christian Sex

Christian sex. Makes you do a double take.  Of course we are more ‘discreet’ with our terminology and we don’t want to offend anyone by using such a ‘strong’ term’. 567 more words


Fake It 'Til You Make It....

And I’m not talking about orgasms. 

I’m talking about confidence!

We’ve all seen the various “How To” guides in popular women’s magazines. Every month each one seems to be peddling the newest “tips” to have a better sex life. 361 more words

Good girl - Bad girl

I picked up a new secular sex book at my favorite thrift store this week called The Good Girl’s guide to Bad Girl Sex, written by  Barbara Keesling PhD. 286 more words