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Tomorrow I turn 50 years old.

I will celebrate with friends at a party that night, and later…I will celebrate in private with my husband. 188 more words

Christian Sex

Let you fingers do the walking

If you got a chance to read about “The amusement park of orgasms” in Hot, Holy and Humorous, then you know that the first orgasm she describes is “The Roller Coaster Dip”. 592 more words

Christian Sex


One of my favorite blogs Hot, Holy and Humorous had a post this week that I just loved called “The Amusement Park of Orgasms”. I talk all the time about how orgasms can feel so different and this article uses rides at an amusement park as way to describe the different orgasms. 216 more words

Christian Sex

Do you love yourself?

Girls and boys have such different experiences discovering their bodies.

By the time boys are potty training, they are forming a very hands on relationship with their penis. 458 more words

Christian Sex

Are you willing to fight for it?

Yesterday I was supposed to write a blog and I just could not bring myself to do it. My husband and I were still in the middle of working through something that had popped out of nowhere in our marriage bed the night before, and I was still too raw. 469 more words

Christian Sex


One of the comments from my class last night, was how they were learning how important it was to just MAKE TIME for sex.  That life gets so busy sometimes that you can get into a routine of fast food sex, and though that is ok once in a while, it is an intentional choice to MAKE TIME. 51 more words

Christian Sex

GS&YM: God Has an Opinion About Sex (Day 2/21)

Day 2 discusses the fact that God has an opinion about sex that can be found only in scripture. It’s the true nature of what sex was intended to be. 131 more words

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