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“…Often the unstated assumption of many people is that it is God’s job to create a world in which things benefit us.  We saw how the Deism of the eighteenth century explicitly promoted this idea though it was at loggerheads with the book of Genesis and the rest of the Bible.  

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Review of The Bible Made Impossible: Why Biblicism is Not a Truly Evangelical Reading of Scripture

The general purpose of The Bible Made Impossible by Christian Smith is to provide an argument against the pervading influence of the doctrine and practice of biblicism in all arenas belonging to evangelicalism. 1,068 more words


Defining Racism

My post the other day was a little… provocative. I was pleasantly surprised, the comments (on the post and in social media) were largely thoughtful. I agree with many: racism is more spectrum than category; flowcharts privilege the binary and the binary is bullshit; my focus on black-white race relations is also a binary; race relations is a problematic term anyway; and plus, it’s rude and polarizing to call someone racist. 1,126 more words


The No. 1 Reason Teens Keeps the Faith as Young Adults

This article was just released by the Huffington Post, and I thought that it would be an encouragement for parents of children, teens, or emerging adults. 111 more words