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Divine Life and Afterlife narrative:

Once upon a time, the universe was created by the sun-god, Ra, who appeared out of primeval chaos and created the air god Shu and his wife, Tefnut; to these were born the sky-goddess Nut and the earth-god Geb, who in turn bore Osiris, Isis, and Set.

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The liberal progress narrative in sociology

The discipline of American sociology itself provides an example of the ways big stories actually undergird and make important human practices that themselves appear on the surface to be unrelated to the mythical constitution of reality.

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Christian Smith on the Sacred Project of American Sociology

I’m a big fan of Christian Smith’s work. Largely, though not solely, for this book. But his new one sounds slightly odd. While it appeals to me on the level of the  377 more words

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Christians Are Hate-Filled Hypocrites And Other Lies You've Been Told or Many Christians Are Often Hate-Filled Hypocrites And Other Things That Are True

So, Bradley Wright wrote a book defending Christians.

In the book he makes a good case that, despite what we hear about Christians or what we see on the news Christianity as a whole has been, is, and will continue to be a tremendous cause of good in the world. 718 more words