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Movie Reviews - My All Time Favorites

My All Time Favorite Movies

You can tell a lot from a person from the kinds of movies they watch. Some like action films or science fiction. 827 more words

Spirituality Is...

It seems some people get confused by, and sometimes uncomfortable with, the word “spirituality;” and the word is indeed hard to define. The Spiritual Life Team at Easter Lutheran Church spent some time attempting to create a definition on which we could all agree, and in the end decided it is “deepening our relationship with God.” “Relationship” is the key word in the phrase. 362 more words

Christian Spirituality

The Moral Universe - Will All Be Well?

I work for a summer music festival, and my time and energy are severely limited during the five weeks when I’m working on high alert, as it were. 1,090 more words

Meditatio House: A Humble Practice (Part Two)

Central to Benedict’s Rule is humility. He spends a whole chapter (Chapter Seven) describing humility and how it can be established in the person whilst in community. 781 more words

Christian Spirituality

True Living

“For to me, living means living for Christ.” – Phil. 1:21.

In order to really understand what Paul is saying in this verse, let’s try putting this statement in a different context. 550 more words


The Problem I Have with Tattoos

The Problem I Have with Tattoos

In the book of Deuteronomy God tells the Israelites not to scar, mark, or disfigure their bodies. He tells them something similar in other portions of the first five books of Moses, and generally the context is to not make scars on their bodies for those that have died. 634 more words