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Back on July 20th (the day before my niece Emily moved to New Orleans), Pastor Paul’s sermon was about Love and its primary importance in the life of the church and in each Christian’s life. 689 more words

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The 2 REAL reasons divorce and cohabitation rates are so high

Divorce and cohabitation – what could they have in common? And how could anyone reduce the reasons for such complex things as divorce and cohabitation to just two sources? 1,382 more words



1 – In some areas of Christian theology universalism is the belief that everyone will be saved in the fullness of time. Because God is loving, merciful and understanding, some Christians do not believe that God would permit an everlasting hell. 162 more words



Is God all powerful? Does he have limitless capability to accomplish whatever he chooses? Is God omnipotent?

The short answer is yes.

Matthew 19:26 informs us that “with God all things are possible.” In Genesis 18:14, God rhetorically asks, “Is anything too difficult for Yahweh?” Likewise in Jeremiah 32:27 – “”Behold, I am Yahweh, the God of all flesh; is anything too difficult for me?” Job was finally able to confess in Job 42:2, “I know that you can do all things, and that no purpose of yours can be thwarted.” 561 more words


Evangelicals going to Rome

Is the Reformation over?

There have been several observations rendered on this subject by those I would call “erstwhile evangelicals.” One of them wrote, “Luther was right in the sixteenth century, but the question of justification is not an issue now.” A second self-confessed evangelical made a comment in a press conference I attended that “the sixteenth-century Reformation debate over justification by faith alone was a tempest in a teapot.” Still another noted European theologian has argued in print that the doctrine of justification by faith alone is no longer a significant issue in the church. 2,751 more words

Christian Theology

Historical Jesus

There is a massive artifact testifying to existence and work of Jesus, which is called the church. It can be categorized as a society, a culture, a corporation, or a network. 973 more words


Review! A Vexing Gadfly

A Vexing Gadfly
The Late Kierkegaard on Economic Matters

By Eliseo Pérez-Álvarez
ISBN 9780227173718

“For those interested in Kierkegaard as a perceptive economic observer and agent, Vexing Gadfly does offer a rich cornucopia of primary source references, which merit historical examination. 56 more words