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SBC Panel Discussion on "Salvation and the Mission of God"

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  • Does one’s belief on the extent of the atonement affect their understanding of mission and the offer of the gospel?
  • Can two Christians disagree on soteriology and partner in ministry?
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Heaven Is For Real is a total hoax?

The movie Heaven Is for Real is now in theaters and is apparently doing well for a movie with a $12 million budget (though not quite  569 more words

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QOTD: on Pentecostalism

Pentecostalism, rightly understood, is a critique of/radical alternative to evangelicalism, not a subset of it. Pentecostals who act like fundamentalists while simply adding speaking in tongues don’t understand their own tradition.

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Christian Theology

Review! Richard Hooker and the Vision of God: Exploring the Origins of Anglicanism

Richard Hooker and the Vision of God: Exploring the Origins of Anglicanism

by Charles Miller

ISBN: 9780227174005

 “Miller works extensively with the most recent and most influential scholarship in the field of Hooker studies and manages to do so while also providing his own take on Hooker’s theology as he describes it under each topic heading…Miller is to be commended for his clear and succinct summarises of both Hooker’s own writing and also of the secondary literature available by which to interpret Hooker…this work will prove to be a helpful reference point for new and continuing students of the ideas of Richard Hooker.” 24 more words


Is God a Pacifist?

I’m looking at one of the sermons that came out of Mars Hill Church a couple of months ago. People, even popular pastors, speak only their opinion: not the words of God. 638 more words



In the last essay we noted that there are three kinds of Churches: creedal, sacramental, and Pentecostal. This morning we are going to study the sacramental concept, as illustrated by the Roman Catholic Church. 2,021 more words

Christian Theology

The ERLC Leadership Summit

The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention will host the first annual ERLC Leadership Summit April 21-23 in Nashville, Tenn. The inaugural Summit’s theme is “The Gospel and Human Sexuality.” It will equip pastors, church leaders and lay people to speak to these critical issues in their congregations. 176 more words