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Romans 6:14 - Are we not under grace?

In Romans 6:14 we read:

“…you are not under law but under grace.”

– Esv

This phrase in Romans is one of those phrases that most often gets quoted when someone argues that believers no longer need to obey… 1,350 more words

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Can the Church Survive the Decline in Worship?

My Massachusetts colleague Kazimierz Bem, Pastor and Teacher of the First Church in Marlboro, doesn’t think so.

He had a wise and thoughtful post yesterday on… 148 more words


Jesus is Risen—History’s Probability and Love’s Certainty!

It is a huge mistake to think of the questions of the resurrection of Christ and the truth of Christianity merely as philosophical or historical problems. 1,304 more words


Is God more like man, more like woman, or a combination of the two?

Does Genesis 1:27 tell us that “God created both man and woman equally in his image” as we are so often told by Christian Feminists, Egalitarians and even many conservative Bible teachers? 1,784 more words


Confidently Asserting My Theological Viewpoint Only To Find It Doesn't Hold Up Under Scrutiny

I’m constantly being reminded of the fact that confidence in theology is like salt in cookies. You need a little, but beyond that things get ugly.


As Christianity Loses Its Majority Status in the US

How shall we sing the Lord’s song in a strange land? Ps. 137:4

Book Review: The Church in Exile

Although I worked for InterVarsity Press briefly several lifetimes ago, and have covered other IVP books here before, this is the first time I’ve attempted to review anything from the IVP Academic imprint. 789 more words


"Prayer before Sleep" by Timothy Keller

“O Lord God, now grant me the grace not only to rest my body this night, but to have my spiritual repose, in soul and conscience, in Your grace and love, that I may let go of all earthly cares so I might be comforted and eased in all my ways. 131 more words

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