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On belief

The standard liberal objection to religious motivations for political action is that they are unquestionable and not susceptible of disproof, so that they cannot form a part of the ongoing rational dialogue that should ideally characterize the political process. 506 more words

Christian Theology

Ken Ham Declares Aliens Eternally Doomed

Ken Ham, a prominent young earth creationist and the founder of Answers in Genesis, recently lamented on his blog about the money being spent on the search for extraterrestrial life in space. 1,429 more words


The Ten Commandments

I have enjoyed The Gospel Project’s summer study - God’s Way: A Journey Through the Ten CommandmentsWith every study we run a corresponding blog series as an additional resource for churches and groups using The Gospel Project. 111 more words


On the "Fuzzification" of Inerrancy

djustment is achieved through “interpretation”–in theological parlance, hermeneutics… [I]f the loss of the term “inerrancy”… is fraught with sufficiently dire consequences, there will be the strongest temptation to retain these expressions while giving the Bible such “adjustive interpretation” that negatively critical approaches to it can be employed anyway. 1,177 more words


The Holy Love of God

Long ago, Augustine of Hippo pointed out that the desire of every human heart is to experience a love that is transcendent. Regrettably for us today, however, I don’t think there’s any word in the English language that’s been more stripped of the depth of its meaning than the word… 1,054 more words


How Good/Evil are you really?

Sunday Thinking

20 June 2014

How Good/Evil are You Really?

This past week, I’ve seen numerous posts on Facebook from one of those online quizzes… I’m sure you’ve seen the type: Which Star Wars Character are you? 756 more words

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