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"Rejoice continually in Jesus" by John Newton

“Blessed be God, though we must feel hourly cause for shame and humiliation for what we are in ourselves, we have cause to rejoice continually in Christ Jesus. 170 more words

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Another quick rant against reductive materialism, neo-atheism, hyper-rationality, and the worldview of scientism

If you can present credible, objective, verifiable evidence that your god (a supernatural entity associated with a religion) actually exists, I’ll immediately stop being atheist and join your religion. 1,024 more words



In this essay we are going to discuss the doctrine of the Church. The Church began on the first Christian Pentecost, when the Holy Spirit was poured out in the upper room, as recorded in Acts 2:1-4. 1,597 more words

Christian Theology

Review! Christian Theology and Religious Pluralism

Christian Theology and Religious Pluralism

A Critical Evaluation of John Hick

by David S. Nah

ISBN: 9780227680155

“… Nah provides an impressive model of theological polemics with his respectful and fair engagement with his former teacher’s ideas. 43 more words


What Defines A Christian?

If you were to ask the average Christian, “what is it about you that says you are a Christian?” most would probably talk about how they go to Church, attend Sunday School, give to missions, etc., but does this really define them as being a Christian? 773 more words

Christian Theology

Does Christianity Have Pagan Roots? (Part 1) How Did "Easter" Originate?

Aren’t rabbits & eggs pagan symbols for fertility?  Isn’t the word “Easter” from a pagan goddess?  Didn’t Christianity just borrow from earlier pagan myths and practices? 1,916 more words