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Interrupted - Day 6

Today I started Phase two: The Horror of Actually Changing…

Awesome.  That’s exactly the kind of title you want to see after feeling emotionally and mentally drained from Phase One…This is hard people.   1,313 more words

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Why the “Super Christian” Myth is Dangerous

Your pastors and spiritual mentors are not “Super Christians.” They don’t have it all figured out, and they don’t have all the answers. They have unique spiritual gifts and a unique calling, just like you do, but they also struggle with doubts, fears, and daily temptations just like you do! 799 more words


True Fruit Bearing - Part Two

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Scripture reading: Galatians 5:22-25

Galatians 5:22 speaks about fruit. “But the FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT IS LOVE…” I Corinthians 13 tells us what love is. 1,050 more words

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More Wedding Lessons...Doing What I Can

I absolutely love how God can use ordinary things in our lives to teach us!  Now wedding planning is anything but ordinary in my life….it is new, and different, and hard! 569 more words

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Interrupted - Day 5

Ok.  So as you might have been able to tell from yesterday’s blog…I was a little fired up.  I was hurting in places I didn’t even know could hurt and I was angry and frustrated that I didn’t have any answers.   1,539 more words

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On Vulnerability (Or Why People are Awesome)

So, just a few weeks ago, I posted a blog that was hard for me to write. It was the saga of a skin issue that, as of today, is still not resolved. 412 more words


True Fruit Bearing - Part One

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Scripture reading: John 15:1-6

Revelation 3:1, “And unto the angel of the church in Sardis write; These things saith he that hath the seven Spirits of God, and the seven stars; I know thy works, that thou hast a name that thou livest, and art dead.” 692 more words

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