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Strong Mind; Strong Body - Even David needed strength training

David speaks in Psalm 31 of his physical and mental deterioration because:

  • David is on the run from a jealous king, one whom David has defended with His life.
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You are a fearful and wonderful creation of God...take care of His masterpiece

A careful reading of Psalm 139 helps you understand the magnificence of God’s creation of you. He knows our hearts, our spirits and our physical beings. 557 more words


Lord, I confess to You that I love ice cream! I love how it tastes! I love how it feels in my mouth! I also confess to You that I ate two pork chops last night at supper, then I ate chocolate cup cakes and cookies for desert. 1,033 more words

What is LifeStyle Fitness About?

You are more than the sum of your parts.  You aren’t an eye and a hand somehow melded together to interact with each other.  You are an integrated being with lots of important, individual parts working all at once time to make you who you are. 360 more words

“I don’t sweat for pounds, or inches, or dress size. I sweat to make my outside match my inside.”

Ridding Ourselves of the Muffin Top!

I was asked recently by one of my lovely followers (who will remain anonymous due to the question) regarding the challenge we sometimes face: the Dreaded Muffin Top (and I’m not discussing overfilling the cupcake pans!) No, I am speaking of that challenging area just above the hips that seems to overlap our jeans. 572 more words



     Lord, last night I ate everything, everything I could find! You know this, You saw it all!  I hate my failures! It seems like they are always there staring at me!  787 more words