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ceremony vs. reception

TIME magazine has an interesting piece on the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission conference in Nashville. This paragraph caught my attention:

“Russell Moore, president of the ERLC, offered a nuanced approach to the practical challenges of changing sexual ethics. 342 more words

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gay is the new black

I saw this telling exchange on Twitter yesterday.

Sarah Pulliam Bailey ‏was reporting on the first national conference of the The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission… 651 more words

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Sin Is Popular, But Not Godly!

Last week I read The Root article Shonda Rhimes to Viewer Complaining About Gay Scenes: ‘Bye Felicia’ by writer Yesha Callahan. The article recaps the Twitter comments made by Shonda Rhimes, head of the Shondaland production house; the company behind television shows like… 827 more words

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Worship as Service

For many churches, the Sunday morning worship service is quite predictable.  The format followed each week is the same, and variations happen only on special occasions.  726 more words


Absolute Truth in a Non-Absolute Society.

All men by nature, have the desire to know.” –Aristotle

One of the most intriguing questions Christians have to answer in the midst of a pluralistic society is such: “How does absolute truth interact within the social constructs of society; specifically a society that embraces non-absolutes.”  Presuming you believe in absolute truth, you would happily agree that truth remains relevant and consistent even within a society that denies its existence.  689 more words


Review: Armed and Dangerous: The Hunt for One of America's Most Wanted Criminals by William Queen

Note: For the next few weeks on Sunday we will feature a review of books outside of theology, philosophy and apologetics.  Each review of a non-Christian book will also have a section titled, “What’s in it for the Christian?” 441 more words

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Some Final Thoughts on Halloween

Over the past few days, I have posted a few things on my Facebook page regarding how Christians should think about Halloween. The general discussion that has taken place has been focused on whether or not Christians should participate in this holiday. 579 more words

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