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Transitions: A Key to Effective Corporate Worship

How would you answer this question:  What is the most important element of a worship service?  Many would say, “The sermon is the most important.”  Or, maybe Scripture reading is the key component?  719 more words


Ratzinger on the Nature of Sin

I found this homily – “Sin and Salvation” – very interesting as a Protestant. Here are some quotes of interest -

Ratzinger on modern society’s attitude towards sin (p. 488 more words

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Edith Stein on the History of the Phenomenology of Causality

In the Introduction to her treatise “Sentient Causality”, which can be found on pages three through five of Philosophy of Psychology and the Humanities (Volume 7 of the Collected Works of Edith Stein), Edith Stein gives a beautiful account of the history of the phenomenology of causality : 448 more words

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Citra (atau image) kita dibangun dari apa yang orang lain ingat tentang kita. Ketika ingatan orang lain akan kita buruk maka citra yang kita bangun untuk diri kita sendiri adalah citra yang buruk. 905 more words

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Ratzinger Again . . . "The Creation of the Human Being"

Ratzinger on the humble truth of the creation of man from dust:

We are told that God formed the man of dust from the ground. There is here something at once humbling and consoling.

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Some Quotes from Ratzinger's Homily "The Meaning of the Biblical Creation Accounts"

From pages 26 – 27 , Ratzinger gives a brilliant theology of mathematics:

I would like to seize upon two elements her. The first is that the biblical creation account is marked by numbers that reproduce not the mathematical structure of the universe but the inner design of its fabric, so to say, or rather the idea according to which it was constructed.

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Thoughts On Intercession

Something pretty obvious was brought to my attention this morning during prayer time: when we pray for the lost and deceived – especially interceding for anyone who influences the minds of a lot of people – it’s imperative to remember to pray for ourselves as well to experience our rightful protection under the Blood of Jesus Christ. 477 more words