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A realistic understanding of the world

When asked why I believe in Christianity and follow the Bible, among other reasons, I admit that I can’t find an alternative worldview that corresponds with reality as comprehensively as what I find in the true account of Christianity. 204 more words

Christian Worldview

Christian Doctrine vs. Paganism - 3 of 3

Thirdly, it also introduced a conception of time and history and movement.  Where the Greek world had been a timeless necessary procession of existence without any visible culmination, Christianity saw a beginning, a middle, and an end.  416 more words

Christian Worldview

Christian Doctrine vs. Paganism - 2 of 3

Secondly, it made Christian philosophy a philosophy of creation.  Not only was it the result of a free act of God, contingent and from nothing as opposed to an eternal and necessary process, it also made the nature of creation different.  236 more words

Christian Worldview

Feeling at Home in a New Church

I have been saying a lot of “goodbyes” lately. The kind of “goodbyes” that really make a pastor’s heart ache, and a church’s membership roster shrink. 1,340 more words

Christian Life

Previous Writings Published on "The Patch" (Part 1)

About a year ago, I started publishing articles on a web site called “The Patch“, which a actually collection of sites specific to local communities. 453 more words


Music, as Music, must be Redeemed!

There is no doubt that music is powerful.  It has a way of speaking to our deepest soul, drawing out tears of joy or sorrow and other emotions, … 906 more words