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Things in a Christian Worldview No Christians Really Want to Talk About | Deep in the Heart...

You’ve always been warned not to talk about religion and politics.  Well, the term “Christian Worldview” gets thrown around a lot these days, and I’ve discovered that when it is used, few people really know what it means. 170 more words

Our Role in the World

What is the Christian’s responsibility in the world? This may seem like an easy question at first, but it is one that has been debated for ages. 222 more words


Random Contemplations About Christian Education...

It has been a while since I posted last.  This has proven to be a very busy season of life, so I must admit that posts will not come as often as I would like. 142 more words

Christian Worldview

The Jacob Aitken Reading List: “the ePistemologian’s Progress”

A portion of it, anyway.

I found this list on Facebook – it appears to be a list of “things to read” before the year 2020. 117 more words

John Bugay

Silence and Listening for Renewed Worship

Go ahead, try it. Turn off the TV and radio. Shut off the ringer on the phone. Power down the cell phone. Slip the ear-buds out of your ears and let the MP3 player rest for a while. 588 more words


God: a Creation of Man?

Was Sigmund Freud correct when he stated that the concept of God is merely a psychological need mankind possesses?

“Man is either made in the image of God (Calvin)… or God in the image of man (Freud).” (82) According to James W. 598 more words