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A Stunning Visual Approach to C.S. Lewis

If you want a whole new way of seeing the works of C.S. Lewis, check out this Youtube channel I stumbled across recently.  This artist takes readings of classic Lewis works and illustrates them—as they are being read!   96 more words


Do You Know the Bible or the Author of the Bible?

Um, this came across my Facebook feed today and lots of people liked it. Why? I have no idea.

The statement on the photo creates a false dichotomy between knowing the Bible and knowing God. 295 more words

Tim Farley

Involvement in the Sins of Other People

Ministers make themselves partakers in the sins of their people when those sins are occasioned by their own negligence, by their example, or by unfaithfulness in the discharge of their official duties.  274 more words

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22nd and 23rd Week PhD: Manuscript and Retreat

The semester is almost done. I have skipped a week or two of blog posts. Last week was reserved for working on our advanced worldview manuscript. 335 more words


Prosperity: It's Another Gospel

In a recent sermon series on 1 Peter, I commented that I believe prosperity theology (a.k.a. “health and wealth”, “name it and claim it”, “word of faith”, etc.) is one of the greatest opponents of true Christianity in the world today. 177 more words

Tim Farley

How Times Have Changed!

I know of no place upon the face of the earth where the Sabbath is kept as it is in Boston.  If a single person were to walk on Boston’s streets at the time of worship, he would be taken up.  42 more words

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The New Age: Can Mankind Aspire to Become Gods?

Is there a god in everyone?  Does humanity possess a higher good within themselves?  Can mankind be intrinsically good? According to the New Age worldview, the answer to all these questions is “yes”; but is this necessarily a bad thing? 514 more words