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What Does It Mean to Change?

The Webster’s Dictionary defines “change” as “to become different; to become something else; to make radically different. Synonyms: to alter; to transform”

When times get hard, we have a tendency to ask God to deliver us from the situation. 265 more words

Christian Concepts From My Perspective


It’s something out of a storybook, a fairy tale, if you will — when you get the giggles and warm feelings seeing couples do things together. 445 more words


Life Goals

Mysteries of Heaven unrevealed
But I still want to go
Question of fiction or real
But I know what I know


Doing my bible study the other evening, I stumbled across a verse that has haunted me, echoed in my head, flitted across my eyelids, whispered in the corners of my brain, creeping and crawling goose pimples across my flesh. 1,397 more words


Bible Games and Chocolate Cake

Whew. Talk about writing like a mother! I’m officially 9 months pregnant, and I’ve been busy wrapping up writing projects before baby girl makes her arrival. 196 more words


The Roundabout Path: A Lesson In Releasing Control

Have you ever noticed that life doesn’t seem to work out the way you planned? And if it does work out, it doesn’t satisfy the way you expected? 559 more words

Growth & Transformation