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Reality Check

Do you ever find yourself getting your hopes up about something only to quickly suppress them with a “reality check?”  You think for a minute that what you have wanted is just about to come true!  582 more words


Is A Sinless Life Possible?

Reposted from Chris Martin Writes

My quick, simple answer to this question is, yes. I believe it’s entirely possible.

But Chris, we’re only human. Well, we are, but that can’t be an excuse. 721 more words


Powering Through

The cat was doing her loud purr again. She was sitting by my side at 5 am as she would reach out her paw to tap me on my arm (or face, it depends); I could vaguely see it in the dark with my half-opened eyes. 212 more words


Witnessing Week 4

Christian: “How are you doing?” Al Cohol: “Awful!”

Christian: “Why’s that?”

Al Cohol: “I’ve got troubles.”

Christian: “What sort of troubles?”

Al Cohol: “My wife left me.” 242 more words


9 Things You (Probably) Didn't Know About Jesus

Jars of Clay is the christian section of the NaijaWriter where issues concerning Christianity are discussed. Today, we examine parts of Jesus’ life that are not as widely known as his healing, prayer and sacrifice. 164 more words

Seeing "Me" through My Community's Eyes

Several weeks ago, I shared a testimony in Young Adults that turned out to be a confession. It wasn’t a confession of sin but rather a confession of how amazing I am. 727 more words